Over the past few months, we’ve delved deep into the ultimate agency funnel, a powerful method to attract clients who are ready to buy. We’ve discussed the opt-in, appointment setting, hot lead follow-up, and the sales process.

Today, our focus is on benchmarks and KPIs. Whether you’re promoting a lead magnet, running ads, or using any other marketing strategy, you need to know what constitutes success. With experience working with hundreds of digital marketing agencies, helping nearly 100 of them reach seven figures using this ultimate agency funnel, I can shed some light on the numbers you should aim for.

1. Opt-In Ratio: 25% to 30%

Your funnel begins with an opt-in, which could be a free book, a checklist, a keyword list, or an ultimate cheat sheet. Your goal here is to achieve a 25% to 30% opt-in ratio. If you hit this range, your landing pages will perform well, and your lead magnet will be compelling enough to keep your marketing engine running smoothly. Falling significantly below this range will increase your cost per lead, disrupting the entire process.

2. Opt-In to Appointment: 5%

Now, let’s talk about moving your opt-ins to appointments. This is a crucial step where many agencies stumble. While most agencies focus on optimizing the lead magnet and landing page, they often overlook this conversion metric. You should aim for a 5% conversion rate from opt-in to appointment. Achieving this percentage requires a well-structured follow-up process that includes phone calls, social media engagement, and proactive outreach.

3. Appointment to Close: 20% or More

This is where the real magic happens. Your ideal prospect gets on a call with you, and you guide them through a consultative sales process. Your aim here is to convert at least 20% of your appointments into sales. If you’ve got things dialed in, you can push this conversion rate higher, even up to 30% or 40%. However, 20% is the minimum benchmark to strive for.

In summary, when you consider the entire journey from attracting a stranger to signing them as a paying client for your retainer-based services, you’re looking for a 1% conversion rate. This means that 1% of the people you bring into your world should become a client. Once you optimize for this, you can scale your efforts, refine your lead magnets, and improve your conversion rates to attract clients consistently and affordably.

If you want to dive deeper into the ultimate agency funnel, including the structure of pages, retargeting, email sequences, and more, check out my step-by-step training here

That’s a wrap for today. I’m excited to see you take your agency to the next level by mastering your KPIs and benchmarks in your agency funnel!

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