Let me ask you something:

Do you have a single niche your agency is focused on?

Or are you working with multiple niches?

If it’s the latter…

You’re making a debilitating mistake.

The reality is, it’s tough to create a seven-figure agency as a generalist.

That’s because if your toes are dipped in these different fields…

It means you never develop specialized knowledge.

You’ll end up doing low-level work that people won’t pay much for.

What’s more, high-quality and high-paying clients won’t hire you if they feel you’re not an expert.

In contrast…

By finding that one niche to focus on, you’ll immerse yourself in its inner workings…

And you’ll get to work with similar clients who’ll allow you to hone your craft even more.


I specialize in plumbing and HVAC.

So, I researched the industry and kept enhancing my knowledge.

I made sure to specialise in it because I knew it’ll grow my agency.

Generalists can’t do that because they need to research all their clients’ niche.

For instance, they’ll need to learn about health, construction, food, clothing, etc…

And you can only fit so much information within a limited time.

Remember, the more you learn and master your niche, the more you build your authority. 

You become sought after by high-profile clients who see the value you bring to their business…

And they’ll be willing to pay more for your agency’s services because of the expertise you bring.

Another benefit of specializing in a niche is less mental stress.

Since you more or less do the same thing for different clients…

You won’t have to worry about getting things mixed up as you deal with different niches.

And you’ll avoid getting confused with the different terms and jargon you have to deal with.

So, if you’re not clear on what niche your agency should focus on…

It’s time to change that.

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