As you’re starting to grow your agency, you’re probably questioning if you should begin outsourcing. In this video, I talk about three things you need to think about before you outsource.

3 Things to Do Before you Outsource

Where do you start? Here.

  1. Get clear on the outcomes: What are you trying to accomplish? What do you need to get done? What do you want the outcome to be?
  2. What can you eliminate or automate? What can you eliminate? What isn’t the best use of your time? List out the things you can eliminate or automate. Can you use ClickFunnels, Zapier, or InfusionSoft to automate other processes?
  3. What can you delegate? What can’t be automated? Those are the things you outsource.

Exercise: Get clear on the value of your time

Do this simple exercise to gain clarity about what your time is worth to you. Answer these questions:

  • How much money do you make?
  • How much do you want to make?

Are you valuing your time at $50 an hour? $1,000 an hour? Anything that you’re doing that isn’t valued at that rate should be subcontracted, outsourced, and removed from your day-to-day. Is the task worth what you’re paying yourself?

Map out the steps

This is the biggest mistake agencies make. They’re too busy, so they hire a virtual assistant and expect that person to know what to do. That’s a recipe for failure. You have to be accountable for the success of your hire. You do that by completely mapping out their job description step-by-step. When you give your hire a framework, they know what the expectations are. You’re removing the guesswork and increasing the probability of success.

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