Have you been generating plenty of leads that your clients just can’t seem to convert? 

Well, don’t just go and dismiss those leads as “bad leads.”

Try to go into diagnostics mode first to see where the conversion is hitting a roadblock. 

I know from personal experience that there are preventable reasons for unconverted leads. 

You see, we literally generate tens of thousands of leads for our clients per month. 

And when those golden tickets didn’t translate to revenue…

We ran tests, did studies, and identified where the problem truly lies. 

And here are some things we found: 

1 – 90% of web form leads hit a dead end

9 out of 10 leads that come from clients’ websites fail to convert. 

They’ll reach the client’s dispatcher or an office receptionist…

And that person would usually say they’d get back to the lead whenever he/she gets a chance. 

But guess what?

9 times out of 10, that promised follow-up never happens. 

And there goes a potential client—just lost in the void. 

2 – 60% of inbound leads don’t convert, either

When someone who’s already interested in your client’s services calls in…

You’d think that’s a sure, easy conversion, right?

Well, we found out that the reality is far from that. 

In fact, most of these inbound calls don’t even get answered!

Or they were… but the lead on the other end of the line is not given the answers they needed.

Perhaps they hear just a vague, “We’ll get back to you on that.”

You and I both know how that ends.

So, how do you know if these same situations apply to your clients?

Well, try taking a walk in your clients’ clients’ shoes. 

Try to fill out a form on your client’s website. 

You’ll see how long it takes to get a response. 

Give them a call, too. 

See if they’re answering promptly and professionally. 

From there, you’d likely get an idea of why they might be struggling to convert.

…And you’ll also get an idea of how you can help them.

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