As you know, retaining clients is just as valuable as landing clients.

The long-term success of your digital agency depends on it.

But even if you have amazing offers and you provide great results…

There are instances when you’ll end up losing clients.

Sometimes, the reason is simple:

Your clients had different expectations about their results.

The reality is, the way you set expectations with the client will make or break the relationship.

Now, I noticed that a lot of agencies these days are selling a guarantee.

They’ll offer clients a trial run for the next two weeks and see how it works.

If this is the kind of expectation you’re setting for your clients…

Then you need to do well and bring results right out of the gates.

But if they don’t see amazing results within those two weeks…

They won’t expect anything else good from you.

What you need is to shift the client’s expectations from short-term to long-term.

Let them know that getting the results they want will take some time.

If you explain to them the reason for this…

They will cooperate with you.

After all, they now understand that working with your agency is a long-term business decision.

And they’re going to be happy with the relationship, especially if you do a good job.

Now, most of your clients couldn’t care less whether it was a 12-month agreement or a month.

But if they signed up with a 12-month agreement…

They will stick to it.

If they’re not willing to make that kind of commitment…

You need to rethink whether they’re a good fit for your agency.

Having this critical strategy in place will improve your client retention.

This will also help you develop your communication system…

And create a world-class onboarding experience in your agency.

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