If you want better results for your agency…

You’re going to want to hear Chris’s story.

He owns an agency that specializes in the ultra-competitive mortgage and financial services space.

Now, they were already killing it.

They can deliver paid media services…

And get clients some serious results.

But then, something mind-blowing happened.

One of their clients, who was raking in leads left and right, decided to cancel their services.

You might be wondering:

“But they were getting awesome results! How could they leave?”

Well, turns out, the leads they were generating were not converting into sales.

However, instead of sulking in despair…

Chris embarked on a journey to uncover the secret sauce to turn those leads into gold.

He went above and beyond by calling the leads himself and having some jaw-dropping conversations.

And that’s when it hit him.

Chris discovered the missing link that exists in virtually every digital marketing agency out there.

The magical ingredient that transforms leads into qualified, vetted appointments.

His solution?

Chris started hiring a concierge…

A person who could help his clients double the number of appointments booked from online leads.

And from that moment on, Chris’s agency became a sales powerhouse.

See, they weren’t just generating leads for clients…

They were generating sales opportunities left, right, and center!

All his clients had to do was sit back, relax…

And know that a qualified pro would show up at a scheduled appointment.

Now, have you ever found yourself in a similar predicament?

You’re crushing it for a client, yet their leads just wouldn’t convert?

Or perhaps you’ve dabbled in solving the lead-to-sales problem yourself?

If you want a detailed guide on how Chris introduced the concierge service to his agency…

Just send us a message.

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