I speak to my clients a lot about video content creation. And it’s not just about how crucial it is to generate leads and make sales… 

But also about how to become more prolific at it.

And during our conversations, I learned that what scares most people is the idea of creativity.

They believe that if you can’t think of something on the spot, you can’t make good video content.

Sounds familiar?

But I’ll tell you what…

The secret to video content creation is all in the framework.

What I mean is you need to have a simple framework that helps prompt you throughout the video. 

For example, you plan how you’re going to introduce the video and use the topic. You also know where you’re going to discuss the core content and how to close the video.

If you establish such a framework for creating your video content, the process becomes easier than you think.

And here are two things to keep in mind:

Commit to the Schedule

For example, you might want to set aside one day per week for shooting five videos. You’ll also decide on the structure and the topics beforehand.

If you’ve just started to use a new framework for creating your video content, your first three weeks may seem to be the hardest.

I want you to tough it out!

It’s not enough to show up on your first week, or your first month, only to call it quits later.

You have to show up and do the work every time.

Consistency, especially in the beginning, is essential to turn this into a habit.

Create Themes

If you can map out your content creation a year in advance, you’ll be amazed at how much time you can free up.

That’s why I recommend spending a day coming up with a few different ideas. That way, you can create micro-videos that match that month’s specific topic. 

During your planning day, you can set aside January for teaching topics related to internet marketing planning, for example. Maybe in February, you can focus on the subject of website conversion optimization. And March could be SEO month where you’ll inform and teach your clients about SEO.

And so on…

Now, these are just examples. Your topics will depend on your agency’s niche, products, services, and expertise.

But the idea is to come up with the topics well in advance before you actually cover them.

Do these two things and you’re not going to risk creating rushed content or running out of ideas.

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