Did you know that most of your clients get the majority of their leads from past customers?

Likely, one satisfied customer tells their friend about your client’s services.

Then, that friend refers your client to another friend.

And that starts a chain of one-time referrals, which does wonders for your client’s businesses!

But what if you could unpack an opportunity to get your clients referrals from past customers…

And on a recurring basis, too?

I bet that would make your digital marketing agency a pretty profitable one!

The only question is…

How do you do it?

If you’re interested to know, then keep reading!

Because in this post, I’ll share how to land exponential referral opportunities for your clients.

Let me start by telling you about referral partners.

A referral partner is somebody in a related industry who can send multiple customers to your client every single month.

So, when your client gets a YES from a referral partner…

They’re not just getting one deal from one customer, plus one referral…

They’d be getting multiples!

Let’s say you have a client in the plumbing industry.

Some of their viable referral partners would be:

  • General contractors
  • Damage restoration companies
  • Property developers

And if you’ve got a client in the mortgage industry…

Their ideal referral partners would be:

  • Realtors
  • Financial Planners
  • Investment Advisors
  • Insurance professionals

You get the point, right?

These are people who could have between four to six customers a month that they could refer to your client.

In a year, that would add up to anywhere between 48 and 72 fresh leads a month.

Even if you could just convert half those leads for your client…

Those referrals would be game-changing, don’t you think?

So, get cracking on a qualified list of those referral partners for your clients.

Come up with a script on how to open up that business relationship…

And start calling them!

Or better yet, hire a concierge agent to make those calls for you.

Now, if you want any help setting up the concierge system in your agency…

Hit reply and let’s get things rolling for you.

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