If you’ve run an agency for any length of time you know the super painful process of dialing in a Google Ad campaign. Your results and ROI are only as good as the data you have and your ability to use it effectively. The problem is that the data is typically very limited. You are taking educated guesses. competing against others who are also making educated guesses. And there can be a LOT of those competitors out there.

Rob Warner felt that pain himself and had many spectacular PPC failures to show for it. So he started digging into new ways to dig into Google Ads data to find new prospects he could serve, be more effective at building his own ads campaigns, and serve other agencies by providing them the data they need to serve their clients better. His solution turned out to be a fantastic service, InvisiblePPC.

You won’t want to miss this episode. It’s full of intriguing data and approaches to using the tool successfully.

You can check this software by going to this link – https://www.ppcadlab.com/7figureagency.

This session can help you learn the ins and outs of this new PPC platform and use it to find, win, and retain clients. Once you master this platform, you’ll be able to target the people spending the most on Google ads in any market and examine their strategies. You’ll also be able to gain insight and intel to help you ramp up your own PPC techniques.

We’re excited for you to learn all about this new platform and how you can leverage it to generate better results and retain clients.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:24] Rob Warner’s experience with PPC and the Google Ads platform
  • [4:50] Why Google Ads users are ideal clients for marketing services
  • [10:35] Understanding Google search behavior & Google advertiser behavior
  • [16:14] Rob’s terrible failures in lead generation (using professional services)
  • [26:25] The software Rob built and the methodology behind it
  • [37:20] Comparing Google Ads in a keyword market to find trends and opportunities
  • [41:45] Tips for how to use the information you find
  • [58:10] Learning to use the platform beyond Google Ads
  • [1:01:35] Going high level by using the data for reporting and campaign management
  • [1:14:01] Using the platform on a white-label basis – resources and more 

Look for advertisers who already have a propensity to spend on marketing

It’s easier to sell your services to people who are already spending money on the type of thing you provide. They don’t have the hurdle of cost or budget to overcome, they just need to understand how you can serve them better than the solutions on which they are currently spending. That’s where a tool like InvisiblePPC comes in. This tool provides the data you need to understand how their existing Google ads are performing, how their competition is using Google Ads, and the missed opportunities nobody has found. This makes your proof of concept more convincing and provides the ability to create targeted, qualified campaigns that turn prospective clients into paying clients.

How to provide an edge to the frustrated buyers of Google Ads

When you bid on a search term in Google Ads, there’s a hidden piece of data that you don’t know about. For most business-related search terms, there are 20 to 50 others competing for those same search terms. If you’re in a competitive niche or doing location-specific bidding, those numbers are undoubtedly even higher. The way Google Ads works is that the more people there are bidding on your keywords or search terms, the higher your cost per lead will be. That’s a very crowded field, and it can become expensive quickly. You need every advantage you can get.

Using InvisiblePPC, you can mine loads of data, both for identifying prospects to whom you can reach out, and for optimizing your services for new and existing customers. What sorts of things can you do?

  • Get real-time analytics about Google Ads on a particular search term
  • Identify gaps in ad purchases to find less expensive keyword opportunities
  • Locate potential clients based on what they are already spending on Google Ads
  • Export the data you find to show to prospects and use it to convince them of your ability to reach their ideal customers
  • Dial-in your search to find the local level search and competition to gain an advantage

But it’s not only about Google Ads

The data we discover about potential customers’ use of Google Ads enables us to find other ways we can serve those companies — website builds, lead funnels, landing pages, graphic design, and more. You can also use the data during sales presentations to highlight what your prospects are doing in the market, demonstrate what their competitors are doing, and show them how to craft ads that outshine what currently exists in the niche. 

Resources & People Mentioned

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