As a digital marketing agency owner, you’ve probably heard talk of ChatGPT. Opinions seem to range from full support for ChatGPT as a content-writing robot to complete distrust of the program. 

Still, there’s no doubt about it: ChatGPT will impact digital marketing in one way or another. 

Being aware of emerging technologies in digital marketing is important to scaling your agency. If ChatGPT could save your agency money, you should leverage this tool to continue expanding your operations and minimizing your daily workload. 

So how does ChatGPT work for digital marketing? Consider these potential use cases and precautions for ChatGPT. 

How Does ChatGPT Work? 

ChatGPT is an AI tool that uses massive neural networks consisting of language models and human feedback to have human-like conversations with users.

In its early stages, developers “pre-trained” ChatGPT by providing a labeled dataset with inputs and corresponding outputs, then using a reward model to encourage the best answers. But this tool also learns from unsupervised training in which it examines the sentence structure and patterns of conversations and expands upon them. 

Simply put, when you have a conversation with ChatGPT, it uses prior conversations to understand your prompt, then gives a string of words that it has predicted will answer your question. This process allows ChatGPT to write entire essays within seconds. 

ChatGPT Use Cases for Digital Marketing

So how does ChatGPT work for your agency? Digital marketing agency owners across the U.S. have already begun integrating ChatGPT into their services to streamline output for clients and improve efficiency. Your agency could begin incorporating this tool into all of the following processes.

Content Marketing

ChatGPT’s ability to write human-like content within seconds is perhaps its most powerful benefit for marketing agency owners. While its features may be too limited to write all of your content with complete accuracy — and search engines currently rank AI-written content lower than human-written content — ChatGPT could assist your content strategy through:

  • Helping you develop topic ideas
  • Creating a list of FAQs 
  • Providing fast research about topics
  • Writing brief product descriptions
  • Providing a template that your writers can rewrite or expand upon

ChatGPT can’t replace your content team, but it can act as a free, powerful assistant to streamline content writing. 


You can also use ChatGPT as the first step in your keyword research process or to generate SEO-driven content outlines. Brainstorming keywords can get tedious, but ChatGPT can quickly generate a list of potential keywords for a specific topic that your team can then research and expand upon. 

Some agencies also use ChatGPT to understand search intent. This tool is a great resource for breaking down marketing ideas into easier-to-understand concepts. But if your agency already uses powerful SEO tools, you may not gain much benefit from ChatGPT. 

Email Marketing

While ChatGPT can’t write your entire content strategy, it can effectively generate small snippets of text. Many marketers use it to write meta descriptions or CTAs. You can also use this tool to generate engaging email subject lines — and because emails don’t involve SEO, you don’t have to worry about ChatGPT email content impacting your clients’ search engine rankings. 

Precautions to Consider 

ChatGPT isn’t foolproof, and you must be aware of its limitations before incorporating it into your digital marketing services. 

Some Information is Outdated 

ChatGPT takes its information from a 2021 database, which means it can’t yet provide updated, accurate information about recent events or emerging trends. 

AI “Hallucinations” Can Affect Content Quality

AI chatbots sometimes experience a “hallucination” effect in which they provide information that has no factual basis. As a result, ChatGPT may sprinkle information that is completely made up into content. Your content team will need to fact-check all content to ensure accuracy and authority.  

ChatGPT May Give Biased Data

Because ChatGPT takes its information from conversations with other humans, it is not always objective. You may receive biased data within conversations with ChatGPT. Again, it isn’t the most accurate research tool, as you’ll need to fact-check the information it gives you. 

Should Your Agency Be Using ChatGPT? 

Now that you know the answer to, “How does ChatGPT work for digital marketing?” consider how you can begin incorporating it into your services. Neglecting this tool altogether could set you behind your competitors, but you’ll want to be cautious to prevent the potential downfalls of ChatGPT. 

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