Well hey, guys. This is Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency, and in our local agency success group, one of our members asked, “I’ve got a couple client in my niche, but how many clients should I have before I really start to double down and decide that’s the niche I’m going to focus on?”

I think it’s a great question. We get a question kind of similar to that pretty often, so I thought it’d be cool to come on and shoot a quick Facebook Live to address that question. In my opinion, you probably want to kind of cast a little bit of a net, so you kind of say, “Okay. These are three or four niches I believe I could have success in.” Kind of a hypothesis on where you could go within your digital marketing agency, who you could serve.

And then, look at where you’ve got experience, where you’ve got expertise. Look at your back story, and find what the quickest path to landing some clients would be. But I feel like you can kind of leave that open a little bit until you’ve got about five clients in one particular niche.

Just as an example, when my business partner Dean and I started our agency Click Incorporated, we were a generalist agency. We decided restaurants was going to be the play. We were going to focus on restaurants, and so we set up a little micro website on restaurants. We developed our restaurant marketing package, and we started to try and sell to local restaurants in our area. And we struggled. For whatever reason, we just couldn’t get any clients within the restaurant space.

However at the same time, I had some experience with a plumber that we’d worked with in the past. And I was like, “Okay, we need some clients. We need some revenue. We need some momentum. Let’s go serve. We’ll see if we can get that plumber.” It was Town Plumbing, and we went out. We started serving him. Got him on board. Got him some good results. He referred us to somebody else, and it started to kind of snowball for us.

I think at the time we got five or six clients. It just made so much sense. Rather than trying to be in a variety of spaces, let’s just be the very best in the plumbing and HVAC world. And so, yeah. We set up Plumber SEO. We set up Roofer SE. We set up Contractor SEO. We set up Restaurant Marketing Pros. And so we kind of cast a little bit of a wide net until we found the niche that we could resonate with, that we could get results with that kind of moved quickly for us.

And I’ve seen that happen with a lot of the digital marketing agencies we talk with. There’s kind of a point of critical mass where you start to understand the niche. You start to get some winds underneath your belt in that space. You start to develop some relationships and find some low-hanging fruit opportunities where you can move things forward quickly.

So that would be my suggestion. Kind of pick a handful that you think would be a good fit. Put some feelers out, and then once you’ve got five within one, go laser focused on that and really expand your digital marketing agency on that one path going forward.

I would love to get your comments and feedback on this. Post in the comments if you have thoughts. We cover this type of thing in the local marketing success group, so if you’re not in there yet, we’d love to have you join that group posting comments. Get me the deets on the group, and I’ll get you added right away, and then if you’re in the group, and you’re watching this, let me know what your experience has been on this front. Have you found your niche? Have you got those five, and are you ready to go deep?

That’s it for now. Hopefully that helps. I’ll talk to you guys later.