Urgency and scarcity.

These are two things you need to create to give your prospects a compelling reason to raise their hands and say:

Yes, I want what you’re offering… and I want it NOW. 

Take for instance the case of releasing industry benchmark reports.

It’s a great way to get your target audience to raise their hands and talk to you.

But if you only offer end-of-year or start-of-year reports…

Your prospects are not going to feel a lot of urgency to ask you for them.

So, what you can do is release your benchmark reports on a quarterly basis instead.

Imagine the impact of offering your Q2 report…

Available only until you release your Q3 report.

With each new release, you ignite a sense of urgency…

And create a fresh opportunity to engage with your prospects.

This approach authentically integrates urgency and scarcity into your sales process…

By evoking emotions and prompting prospects to take action fast.

It also gives you the chance to reach out to the same prospects at least five times a year.

You can reach out to them to:

  • Launch your industry report
  • Promote your Q1 report
  • Promote your Q2 report
  • Promote your Q3 report
  • Release your Q4 report and end-of-year recap

Once you’ve established this cadence of releasing benchmark reports every quarter…

You can have prospects raising their hands and replying to your emails multiple times a year.

That means you’ve transformed a one-time campaign into a recurring marketing calendar event.

This then fuels a quarterly buyer frenzy that has the potential to double…


Or even quadruple your sales!

This now begs the questions:

Where exactly do you get the data for these quarterly benchmark reports? And how do you generate them?

Well, that’s what I’m here to help you with!

Just hit reply and let’s talk about it soon.

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