Adina asked “I get a lot of web design & development projects” I know that you advocate for selling only monthly recurring revenue…what do you do when a client just wants a website? Do you just turn that work away?

Bring revenue as opposed to project work but run digital marketing agencies, often times that’s websites, SEO Pay Per Click social media could be funnels could be any variety of different mix of services. So what we found worked best for us in our agency was to shift from, you know, selling a website for a one time fee. And then a slot small monthly recurring was to actually sell a package that’s going to generate a more tangible and consistent return on investment. So doing website, SEO pay per click, and other mix of services. And so Edina was asking, What do I do with the website development work that comes in? What do I do when that question gets asked? And what I found is a couple of ways to address it. You know, first of all, accept that you want monthly recurring revenue project work will just it becomes Phantom work, right? You get paid, you do the work, it goes away, you haven’t really built anything. So you’ve just kept running. Have busy paid a couple of bills, but you didn’t get any new momentum within your business. So except that the first thing I would say is when someone does say they want just a website, just make the take the position that Listen, I understand you want a website and why do you want that website? What are you really after. And in every case, the client, really what they want is they want to convert more leads, they want to generate more sales, they want to generate better results for their for their business. And so what we say is, look, we can do a great website for you. But the website is only one part of the overall internet marketing strategy. And so what we found was that rather than just doing a website for you, let’s plan let’s build a website out make sure it’s built to divert let’s also make sure that it’s it’s optimized to rank where people are looking for you. And let’s potentially drive some search and then get them to see that really what they want isn’t just a website. It’s really a complete internet marketing package. Sometimes they’re going to say, No, they just want the website. If you’re just getting started out and you need to pay some bills, you do what you have to do. But you can only sell what you have on the table. Right? So when I was at reachlocal, the only thing I had on the table was a monthly recurring thing. I couldn’t do a website, I couldn’t do a custom app, I couldn’t do any of that stuff I could sell was the 20 $500 a month program or the $2,000 a month program, whatever the program that amounts to be. I think you have to choose your battles, right, I think, seven times out of 10. You can get that client that’s interested in a website more interested in a monthly program that’s actually going to generate results as opposed to just a brochure where website but then you have to decide, do I want to spend my time building another project? Or do I want to spend my time going out and getting the kind of client that’s going to build my business and drive base recurring revenue? So that’s my two cents on that. Let me know if you have any follow up questions in the comments. I hope this helps. Bye. Really I’ve found the fastest way to grow and accelerate your business is just to focus on monthly recurring revenue type projects. So that’s it for now. Hopefully this helps Idina, I’ll talk to you soon.

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