Ready to implement the Agency Concierge Model in your business?

I’ve been talking about this business model in my past few posts to you.

But just to refresh your memory…

The concierge model allows you to deliver qualified, vetted appointments straight to your client…

As if you’re handing them success on a silver plate.

Now, let’s talk about implementation.

There are five key steps to implementing this model in your agency:

#1: Set up your system and platform

The first thing you need is a platform to run your concierge system on.

Check out Go High Level if you haven’t yet since your concierge agents could use it to:

  • Write out your text messages, emails, and call scripts
  • Organize your contacts into a pipeline
  • Track your touchpoints with your leads
  • Automate everything you need to run a concierge system

#2: Write out your scripts

When you have concierge agents calling your clients’ leads on their behalf…

Scripting becomes everything.

It’s incredibly important that everybody’s saying the same thing…

And that they’re following the campaigns and scripts for each of your clients.

As you know, there will be little nuances each of your clients will want in their business.

So, during the onboarding of your concierge agents…

You’ve got to make sure your campaigns and your scripts are bolted in perfectly.

#3: Get your agents

Of course, you must hire the right people to run your concierge services.

You need people who already have experience in setting appointments…

And landing new clients for the businesses you’re serving.

From there, you’re going to need an amazing onboarding process.

One you could use to turn reasonably good appointment setters into rockstar concierge agents.

The good news?

We already have that two-week onboarding process for concierge agents documented and set up for you.

This training will have your agents all ready to set appointments…

Run your concierge platform…

Customize the scripts…

And do everything you need to deliver quality concierge services.

If you want access to the training, just hit reply and I’ll set you right up!

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for my next post.

I’ll be sharing the last two steps of implementing the concierge system in your agency.

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