So you can focus on the deals that are actually going to be in play.Getting leads to show up to sales calls is one thing…

But you still need to have a great follow-up system after that call.

Because through this, you’ll increase the likelihood of closing the deal…

And turning prospects into paying clients of your digital agency.

Now, whether you have a follow-up system in place…

Or if you’re just starting to put it together…

Then there are two things I suggest that you integrate:

  • Send direct mail

Everybody’s getting emails and automation these days. 

So, if you want to really stand out to your prospects after your initial meeting…

Put together a shock-and-awe package.

For instance, you can mail out a copy of your book or other positioning materials via FedEx.

When prospects receive something like that from you…

They will be impressed by your agency…

And you will remain top-of-mind.

  • Add a deadline

The last thing you want to do is have your prospects sound interested…

Then suddenly go into a state of limbo.

You’ll end up wondering what happened and if your deals are still in play.

This will kill not only your momentum…

But also your sales team’s motivation.

To stop this from happening, you need to set a deadline.

Tell your prospect during the sales call something like:

“Hey, listen, can we agree to make a decision on this within the next two weeks?”

Trust me, almost everybody will say yes to that. 

Now, if they still haven’t made a decision after the deadline…

You can send the disconnect message that goes like this:

“Hey, I appreciate the opportunity. It seems like you’ve decided not to move forward. Is there any feedback you could give me so I could do better in the future?”

This disconnect usually kicks the interested person over the finish line.

For those who don’t, you can remove them from your pipeline.

By having a clear follow-up system in place…

You can create more headspace for yourself and your team…

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