Client retention.

This is one of the most important determinants of a digital marketing agency’s success.

But sometimes, even when you provide amazing results…

Some clients still choose to let go, right?

And it can be frustrating.

But guess what?

While it’s normal to have 10% churn in the agency space…

A lot of agencies are still able to increase their retention rate.

Our agency, for instance, was able to increase it to over 97%.

And we did this by applying 2 things:

  • Widen your service offering

If all your agency does is SEO, your ability to retain clients will shrink…

And your clients will be more likely to find another agency to work with.

So, you need to go cross-channel.

This means adding website design and pay-per-click, for instance, to your mix of services.

Because the more services you can offer…

The more value and impact you can provide to your clients.

You’ll be able to blend the results and increase the consistency of your deliverables.

Ultimately, you’ll make clients trust you more and be more likely to stay with you.

  • Choose your clients wisely

If you’re not selective with the clients you work with…

You’re going to struggle.

In fact, our agency had a massive churn issue before.

We had a great service offering and we generated results. 

But in a lot of cases, we were working with small startup businesses.

And these small operators didn’t have the resources to stay with our services long-term.

What changed things was when we shifted our focus to more established businesses.

They had more revenue to spend and get more work done with us.

My point is this:

More often, what causes high client churn isn’t your service offering…

Or how good you are at what they do. 

Rather, it’s the clients you’ve chosen to work with. 

If you can refocus your agency to work with a certain level of businesses…

It can have a huge impact on your retention and profitability…

Not to mention the enjoyment you get out of running your agency. 

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