In one of my chats with Brady, whose agency serves chiropractic practices, we discussed the topic of lead quality.

To understand the concept, let me ask you this:

If you’re to get 300 leads in a month for your agency’s clients, how many do you think can you actually convert?

Imagine getting 300 leads for a chiropractic office. It doesn’t automatically mean 300 new patients are signing up, right?

Now, one of the things you’ll see some agencies promote is working around the offer’s price.

To compete with that, you might consider offering a cheaper adjustment for the client. Make it $21 and lower than what competitor practices might offer, for example.

That will increase lead generation.

But here’s what often happens…

Someone may come for one session for that practice, but they won’t become a long-term patient.

That means you’ve just got a low-quality lead into the funnel.

Sure, a lower price point can generate more leads. But to get more revenue, you need to increase the quality of those leads.

How do you turn those leads into high-quality leads and convert them into long-term patients?

One of the secrets is in the follow-up.

Because if there’s one mistake that many businesses, even agencies, make, it’s sitting back and expecting leads to call and book appointments.

A practice may wait for leads to call them, book an appointment, and sign up to become a patient.

It rarely goes like that!

You have to be more proactive in following up with your client’s leads. That means you have to nurture them.

The lead follow-up process is essential – your team should be all over it!

Now, communication is a big part of it. But not everything has to be hands-on. There’s lots of room for automation in your follow-up process.

For example, you can do automated text messages and voicemail drops. You can even set up an automated email campaign and so on.

The idea is that some leads will go cold when there’s no follow-up. Others won’t see the full value of your offer.

This will cause your clients to miss opportunities to convert high-quality leads into long-term patients.

We may have used a chiropractic office example here, but the concept also applies to your agency.

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