As a marketing expert…

I know you already understand the importance of adapting your marketing strategies.

Specifically, to cater to specific seasons and locations. 

Today, I’d like to remind you to do the same thing if you’re planning on releasing a hand-raiser or a lead magnet. 

In particular, your industry benchmark reports.

See, when it comes to generating a broad report for a niche market…

It’s crucial to consider the relevance of location. 

That’s why I recommend reports that focus on a single state or region.

After all, you want your agency’s benchmark reports to hit the bullseye, right? 

You don’t want to be comparing data on the HVAC industry in Florida to HVAC industry numbers up north. 

Because if you do this, your report will just have a lot of irrelevant information relative to whom you’re presenting it to. 

By segmenting your agency’s reports based on geography…

You could create compelling pitches with data-driven insights that resonate with businesses from specific locations. 

Now, if you’re wondering whether seasonality affects every industry the same way…

Let me reassure you that it’s a valid concern. 

There are some industries where a big benchmark report covering the entire niche market is actually the way to go. 

That’s why I recommend weighing the pros and cons based on what niche you’re serving. 

If your clients are mostly in healthcare or beauty and wellness, for instance…

Seasons and locations might not skew the data as they do for HVAC professionals.

This means you could generate a nationwide report any time of year…

And most of the data you’ll get would be relevant to your clients.

So, take a moment to reflect on your niche and consider the impact of seasonality and location targeting. 

Now, if you need guidance on how much these things affect your chosen niche…

And what kind of industry reports your agency should be creating as a hand-raiser or lead magnet…

Just hit reply and let’s talk about it.

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