We’ve all been hearing the BUZZ around the new social platform Clubhouse—but is it worth your time? Is it just another fad? Can you leverage it to build your audience, platform, and ultimately grow your agency? One month ago the Clubhouse team was only 9 people. Dennis Yu joined it on January 1st, 2021. It now has a billion-dollar valuation. Dennis believes it’s an amazing place to build relationships. In this session, Dennis Yu will share his take and how he’s leveraging Clubhouse to grow his agency.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:04] Dennis Yu’s take on Clubhouse
  • [3:47] How to craft your Clubhouse bio
  • [8:37] What is Clubhouse?
  • [20:30] Think about how you can help
  • [24:46] How the Clubhouse algorithm works
  • [37:00] Beef up this social network
  • [44:05] Do not sell on Clubhouse
  • [51:57] How notifications work
  • [57:51] Move the relationship to other channels
  • [1:00:00] Dennis’s #1 Clubhouse tip
  • [1:05:25] Get more Clubhouse training from Dennis Yu!

Is Clubhouse just another fad?

Dennis emphasizes that every social network starts as a fad. So how do you know which ones are worth investing your time in? Dennis believes that Clubhouse is the agency owners #1 business development tool—but only in specific circumstances. You must know how to speak, excel at building connections, have chosen a lighthouse, and have a lead magnet.

Michael Stelzner knows what’s trending. So when Michael Stelzner invited Dennis to speak about Facebook ads to a room of 300 people, Dennis popped in to see what it was all about. Then Grant Cardone popped into the room. Then Russel Brunson.

What is Clubhouse?

The initial people invited to Clubhouse were A-list celebrities (Grant Cardone, GaryVee, etc.).

Clubhouse is built around the idea of Clubs. Clubs are the presenting entities and there are rooms inside each club. You can apply to start a club after you’ve run a room three times in a room. So, to get started, you create a room to talk about a specific topic.

Clubhouse is a live audio platform and recording is not allowed. When you come into a room, you enter as an audience member. All you can do in the audience is raise your hand—there’s no chatting or commenting. There are speakers and moderators present as well. You can get introduced in a room and become part of a panel discussion. There is a gray box around whoever was speaking. You can raise your hand, invite people to the room, or leave quietly.

How the Clubhouse algorithm works

Each Clubhouse member is allowed 3-5 invites. As you invite people, you may get awarded more. The app recommends people for you to invite based on the number of mutual friends you have. It started as invite-only on purpose to maximize the power of FOMO and the mutual shared audience.

When famous people jump in, everyone wants to be in those rooms. Because you can’t record, if you miss something it’s gone forever. You have to be choosy with your invites. Clubhouse allows you to create social proof and gives you credibility. People give you social validation. Dennis has built more connections in two weeks than he has in the last 5 years. You can reach anybody—but you need to know who you want to reach. If you’re clear on who you want to meet, it’s a great tool.

Which social network should you beef up and why? Listen for Dennis’s genius tip.

How to craft your Clubhouse bio

Clubhouse allows you to create a bio. At the bottom of your bio, you’re allowed to link to Twitter and Instagram. Dennis believes the first three lines are the most important part of your bio. Why? It’s because it’s what people see in a room. So what should your bio include?

Dennis uses the first three lines to share that he built the analytics at Yahoo, is the host of the digital CEO podcast, and the Co-Founder of Chirorevenue. Then he shares how he can provide value and what he wants. The key is what you give and what you want.

How can you leverage Clubhouse?

Dennis opened a room about real estate—which he has no experience in. So Dennis asked: Who wants to partner to build an agency to serve agents? Then he asked who can do PPC, websites, etc. As people raised their hands, he invited them to the stage. You can use Clubhouse to source any deal or work you want. What clients do you want? What kind of partner do you want?

Larry started following Gary Henderson on Clubhouse. He joined one of his rooms and someone asked an SEO question. So Gary called on Dennis to answer. After Dennis answered the question, Gary invited Dennis to be on his podcast. Now Dennis is writing blog posts on DigitalMarketing.org. He’s making important connections left and right.

Who are the people that you want to meet? Who are the people that your clients look up to? Who is a lighthouse in your niche? Many of them will be on Clubhouse. You can make friends with them. You can start a close relationship with people because there are so few people on the platform.

Do NOT sell on Clubhouse

You’re creating a club or joining a room to give value. When people receive value, they’ll seek you out. While you should not sell on Clubhouse, Dennis believes that it IS the best platform for selling. You simply let your audience do the selling for you.

Find ways to get experts to speak in the room. You introduce them and praise them for the accolades they’ve earned. Uplift the other people and never talk about yourself. People reciprocate the praise. They’re the ones that give you credibility.

Move the relationship to other channels

You can’t record on Clubhouse, but you can take a screenshot of someone speaking on Clubhouse. Dennis does this, and posts it on another channel with a caption about how great that person’s thoughts were. You can even add a quote. Find ways to honor other people and continue the conversation outside of the room. Move relationships into other channels.

Dennis’s #1 Clubhouse tip

Clubhouse doesn’t allow you to direct message or include links. But when you’re in a room and you have an opportunity to share knowledge. You can’t offer someone a link and you don’t want to come across as salesy, so what do you do? You can still offer your lead magnet, but offer it by email.

Give them a specific email address and specific subject line to get your offer. Dennis has gotten hundreds of leads doing this in the last week. The subject line is how you track where the lead came from.

The difference between this and giving them a landing page is that it’s conversational commerce. They have their VAs personalize the first sentence based on the person’s Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. Why should you do that? So they know a human was involved.

Listen to the whole session to learn more about Clubhouse and how to make the time investment worth it for your agency.

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