Seven Figure Agency, a digital marketing agency in Doral, FL, announces that The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap is now available on Audible as an audiobook. This best-selling book is a must-have resource for any digital marketing agency that is committed to serious growth. Written by digital marketer and coach Josh Nelson, The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap helps people discover how to build, grow, and scale a successful agency.

Ryan Diess, founder and CEO of Digital Marketer, highlights the value of this book, saying, “In The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap, Josh tells you, step-by-step, how to grow a seven-figure agency. If you’ve been stuck at six figures or less, or if you’re new at starting an agency, this book is a must-have. The most important concept you will learn is how to create that seemingly elusive monthly recurring revenue. You get a complete roadmap to designing an agency that can seamlessly scale to seven figures. Whatever agency problems you’ve struggled with, you’ll find simple solutions in this book.”

Josh Nelson, author of The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap, understands the barriers that keep many digital marketers from success. He says, “I know first hand what it’s like to struggle to grow an agency. I’ve studied and learned from endless trainings and have been to the conferences. More importantly, I’m in the trenches at my own digital marketing agency, and I’m going to show you our proven methods and systems that made us a seven-figure agency in less than two years, and on America’s INC 5000 list for the last four years. These are the same methods I want to help you implement in your business to take your agency to the next level in the fastest way possible.”

The digital marketing audiobook is available on Audible at Those who do not have an Audible subscription can still listen to The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap as a part of Audible’s 30-day free trial. A hard copy of The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap can be purchased via Amazon.

Because of the value of the proven strategies laid out in The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap, Seven Figure Agency is sending out free copies of Josh Nelson’s book. Those interested in the offer need only pay shipping fees.

Seven Figure Agency provides digital marketing development services for agencies that want to grow quickly and effectively. Proven ideas, strategies, and techniques help launch agencies, consultants, and marketers to the next level of success. The Seven Figure Agency helps agencies get to $10,000 a month as fast as possible, then scale to a million dollars so that the business owner can serve more clients, make more money, and have more fun.


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