You’ve got more prospects showing interest in your agency’s service.

And they’ve scheduled appointments with you.

What happens next?

It’s to get them to show up, of course.

After all, you want them to actually get on the call or meet with you…

So you can sell them on the value they’ll get from working with your agency.

And there are a few things you can do to ensure that:

  • Have an autoplay video on the confirmation page

Once a prospect books a schedule with you…

Have them watch a video set on autoplay on the confirmation page.

In that video, they’ll see examples and case studies of what’s possible for them.

You can also give them a bit of homework in advance to pre-assess them.

This way, they’ll lean into the idea of working with you.

  • Send follow-up emails and text messages

To warm up your prospects and get them excited to show up to the call…

Send an email confirming their schedule.

Then, follow this up with a text message.

Another thing you can do is leverage social media.

Find your prospects on social media and connect with them.

Shoot them a quick personal video and say something like:

“Hey, Bob! I see you just scheduled. Really looking forward to our session!”

  • Have a hot lead follow-up sequence

Let’s say they showed up to the appointment.

Your goal now is to set up the next appointment immediately after that…

And get them to show up.

To do that, use a hot lead follow-up sequence.

This is a pre-engineered series of emails sent to those prospects over the next two weeks.

The goal is to remind them that they’re still in process…

And also give them additional details, like client references that they could reach out to.

This will prompt them to get back onto your calendar…

So you can move them from interested to closed.

Essentially, your appointment process should take a prospect from not really knowing you…

To the point where they’ve gotten some value from you.

They need to believe that your agency’s world-class in your niche.

Once they do, they’ll be more likely to show up to calls…

And do business with your digital agency.

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