It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year. Have you accomplished your goals? Is your agency where you would like it to be by now?

In this growth planning session, we’re going to map out an updated plan to crush our targets in the 2nd half of 2021. It’s time to re-energize ourselves and outline a strategy so we can accelerate growth from here on out!

You can access the workbook we’ll be using throughout this session by clicking HERE.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:57] Our model for building a successful agency
  • [12:43] 7 Figure Business Model Fundamentals
  • [25:18] Step #1: The goals that will help you grow your business
  • [41:05] Step #2: Setting goals for the next 90 days
  • [49:41] Step #3: Set KPIs for your goals
  • [55:50] Step #4: Built out your action plan
  • [1:03:24] Put money into advertising for your business
  • [1:06:57] Ongoing activities to continuously do
  • [1:25:54] Identify roadblocks you may come across

Our model for building a successful agency

You want a business that can scale. To do that, it must:

  • Provide you money to pay your bills and live your life
  • Provide you freedom from a strict 9–5
  • Provide impact—knowing that what you’re doing is serving your clients and your team.

To reach these goals, there are three things you must do:

  1. You need to land clients (using a systematic approach). If you get good at this, the money will take care of itself. You need to fill your funnel, build authority (position yourself as THE expert in your space), and master sales (take a client from interested to signing on the dotted line).
  2. You need to deliver tangible and measurable results for your clients. To do this you need to choose a model (SEO, funnels, websites, PPC, copywriting, etc.) You get to choose project work or retainer-based services. You need to package and systemize the model you choose and hire a stellar team to surround you. What model do I think is the most effective? Listen to find out!
  3. You need to retain long-term client relationships, where clients are staying for the results and growth. You need a seamless onboarding process, outstanding client communication, and the ability to help them see the vision. Clients leave because they feel you’re indifferent, or you’ve taken them as far as you can go. They’re always thinking about the next step.

What are the 7 Figure business model fundamentals? Listen to learn more!

Step #1: Set Goals and KPIs that will help you grow your business

You have to set goals and get a clear action plan in place. Clear goals are the wind in your sails—they propel you forward. Without wind in your sails, you’re at the mercy of the ocean current, with no direction.

Head over to the workbook and open it—make a copy of it and rename it so you have your own version. Fill it out as we go. Head over to the “model audit” page and write out what your current situation is. What stands out to you that you need to change to scale your agency?

Now head down to “quarterly plan” and add how many retainer-based clients you currently have. Then add in your recurring monthly revenue that you can rely on.

Head to your 2025 goal page. Set goals for your target number of clients, target recurring revenue, and your “why” for both. The clearer you are on the “why” the more powerful emotional connection you’ll have to make it a reality.

Step #2: It’s time to set goals for the next 90 days

Your mind can’t really think five years or even one year into the future, but it can think 90 days in the future and hold it close. So let’s set goals for July, August, and September. Click HERE to open up the KPI worksheet (or access it in the workbook) and make a copy for yourself.

  • Put in your starting point numbers.
  • How much will you charge monthly over the next 3 months? How many clients will you shoot for?

This will give you a clear target to work toward. Make sure these are goals that you can make a reality. If not, lower the number. This is the time to be realistic. Bookmark this document and check in monthly. Print it and place it somewhere you can see it every day. Hold yourself accountable to meet these goals.

Listen to hear how Brian K grew from $60,000 MRR to doing over $4 million this year!

Step #3: Set KPIs for your goals

The #1 thing that you need to measure is the number of strategy sessions that you’re having. In the agency world, you should shoot for at least 15 strategy sessions with potential clients per month. This is the optimal number for growth. Why? The average close rate is close to 30%. What is your minimum to hit your goal? Set your core targets in the second tab of your KPI worksheet. Pop in how many clients you want to land and then add your average close rate (If you don’t know, put in 15%). This will tell you how many meetings you potentially need to hit your targets.

Step #4: Built out your action plan

This will help you answer the question: What do you have to do to get your projected number of strategy sessions? Here’s the foundation you need to start with:

  • You need a prospect list in your niche that you proactively go after.
  • Out of all of the companies that fit your niche and what you’re looking for, what is the “dream 100?” What 100 people would you love to bring into your agency? That you want to go after with relentless focus? You can’t just throw out emails. You have to get to know the company, the players, the pain points, and reach out consistently.
  • Join the association within your vertical to build authority. Get access to their list. Get involved in association events.
  • Get a CRM system in place that you can use to email, text, and keep track of activity. I don’t care what CRM it is.
  • Set up a niche website that speaks directly to your potential clients. Fill it with information for them that positions you as the expert in your niche.
  • Set up a funnel for scheduling appointments. They can opt-in for a checklist, book, or some other valuable content
  • Personalize your social profiles—and make them look professional. Optimize them for your niche (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Publish a book in your niche.

Head back to the workbook and go to “Action plan” and enter the things that you’ll focus on this quarter to reach your goals. Prioritize the things that you will absolutely do.

Why should you put money into advertising your business? How should you do it? What about ongoing activities you should continuously do? Join me for the whole session to learn how to accelerate the momentum in your business to reach your goals!

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