Here’s a question for you: 

What do you think is your digital marketing agency’s main function?

Are you supposed to be SEO wizards? 

Facebook or Google ad gurus? 

Media buying experts? 

Well, the way I see it…

Clients don’t really hire agencies for any of this technical stuff. 

It’s just the means by which we realize our main objective: 

To generate leads and sales that actually convert to revenue for our clients. 

See, if you can become the agency that takes $1…

And then generates $6, $7, or even $10 in return to your clients…

You become indispensable. 

More than that, they’re going to spread good words about your agency. 

Imagine what that would do for your agency’s growth!

So, the question now is:

How can your agency book jobs and generate new sales for your client? 

Well, the first step is realizing that lead generation isn’t your biggest challenge. 

See, my agency started as an SEO company. 

After that, we added Google Ads—then retargeting, email marketing, and marketing automation. 

We did it to generate more leads for our clients. 

And yet, no matter how many leads we passed on to our clients…

Some of them still couldn’t get a return on their investment. 

It’s because they failed to convert the leads we gave them!

So yes, sometimes it’s not you—it’s them. 

But at the end of the day, you have a choice. 

Will you simply say,

“Hey, look, I did my part. I gave you the leads. If you can’t convert, then it is what it is.”

Or would you be the one who: 

  • Elevates your game
  • Remembers that your job is to generate income—and not just leads—for your client
  • Figures out how to solve your client’s conversion problems for them

If it’s the latter, then good. 

And I can help you make it a reality. 

Hit reply and let’s talk ways on how to deal with it. 

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