Today, let’s talk about a great source of opportunities for agencies:

Industry events and associations, or what I call ‘big rocks’.

Whatever your niche is, there’s bound to be groups and gatherings about it.

And as an agency owner…

Putting yourself out there is essential.

…Especially if you want to have a seven-figure agency.

Don’t live in a vacuum where you’re essentially a silent hermit.

If you don’t put in the legwork to be known and become an authority in your niche…

You’ll never create a seven-figure agency.

The key here is to attend virtual and physical events.

Speak at events, talk to other people, and build your network.

Use live opportunities as a means to build your brand and authority.

So, check what important events related to your niche will happen this year.

Block your calendar to ensure you actually go to them.

You can also do regular webinars where you can promote yourself.

Schedule it in advance so you’ll get your topic and presentation in order.

And in a time where podcasts are thriving…

Make sure you record podcasts where you interview clients or industry experts.

You could even become a guest speaker for other people’s podcasts and webinars.

Just make it your goal to showcase your agency to as many people as possible.

After all…

The most successful agency owners are those who interact with other people.

They don’t sit behind their computer screen, typing bland emails and messages.

Instead, they go out and talk to people and form emotional bonds.

These bonds are so robust that they can net you, future partners, and clients.

My point is this:

Go to live events where prospects are hanging out…

And find opportunities to speak and run workshops.

These are great ways to position yourself in the market.

With this approach, you can get a big chunk of the pie…

And get a ton of equity in your industry.

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