What would you do if you had the chance to start over again? If I had to start my agency again from ZERO, here is what I would do. 

Choose a niche

The first thing I would do is pick a hypothetical niche. It can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t have any clients yet. Where do you have experience? What interests you? Where do you have connections? This is a starting place—it may change. 

Focus on your sphere of influence

Who do you know? Who have you done business with? Reach out and see if you can get introductions in your space. It could be to pick their brain and get a sense of what their business is like. Do they have problems you can help solve? Find 10–15 companies in your local area and introduce yourself and learn more about the industry niche. 

Are they running Facebook ads? Google ads? What’s their average transaction value? How do they follow-up with customers? This helps give you a sense of whether or not there’s a true opportunity in that space. 

Check with local groups and organizations

It’s always preferable to have friends or past clients introduce you to new potential customers. The next easy play is to find the local chamber of commerce or BNI group. You can say you’re running a digital marketing agency in a specific niche and ask if anyone knows anyone that you can be introduced to. 

Execute + document

The people in these groups are all about making introductions. Your main focus is to get 1–2 clients within your vertical. Focus on knocking it out of the park for those clients. It allows you to say “This is the client, this is what I did, here’s the result.” You build a case study to prove your value and results. Armed with that, you can accelerate to a seven-figure agency within that space. Create a video sharing the client and the results. You can create lead magnets, checklists, and guides from just one case study. You can publish a book. 

Go deep into the industry

Once you’ve established that your chosen niche is one you can succeed in, make a prospect list of all of the companies in the US that make over $1 million in revenue a year. Find out if there’s an association you can join in your vertical. Reach out to that list from all angles—Facebook ads, Google ads, emails, etc. Do a webinar on different topics every month. Before long, you’ll be positioned as the expert in the space and people will begin to reach out to you. 

How can you continue to achieve success? Do a webinar every month, make a case study for every client, and do interviews with successful people in that space.

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