You can have the best SEO strategy in the world and your clients still won’t rank. Tremendous results in one market won’t always translate to another—and it’s frustrating. How do you deal with these inconsistent results?

In this session with Lane A Houk of Quantum Agency. We’ll be unpacking the latest strategies & techniques to drive better SEO results for your clients. We’ll be talking about how to generate noticeably better SEO results for your clients by taking your content strategy for your clients to the next level.We’ll cover:

➣ How to get your clients better results in Maps & Organic listings, have a more tangible monthly deliverable to show your clients & ultimately retain them longer

➣ The key signals that Google looks at when ranking your client’s website

➣ Lane Houk’s method for amplifying his client’s SEO results to get more bang for their energy/investment using signal amplification.


Outline of This Episode

  • [0:39] Why this is so important
  • [6:42] Value add: GMB Signal Hacks
  • [10:00] The Green Hat SEO Methodology
  • [15:50] The world according to Google search
  • [18:18] EAT: Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness
  • [26:46] A content syndication network
  • [28:30] Not all signals are equal
  • [31:02] Special local SEO ranking signals
  • [38:10] How to set up authorship
  • [50:42] How is Quantum Signals different?
  • [1:04:50] How PR Newswire/Cision compare
  • [1:22:53] Q&A session

The Green Hat SEO Methodology

These strategies have worked for 10+ years and are evergreen. What does it consist of?

  1. Great keyword and competitive intelligence research – 90% of your result comes from the first 10% of your process. You have to get this right because it’s your blueprint.
  2. Great on-page SEO and GMB optimization: You take the keywords and translate them into the website and GMB listing. The more relevant they are, the better.
  3. Quality content generation/authorship: Do not use duplicate content. It must be quality original content (only test duplicate content on sites that are NOT clients). When you author quality content, you set yourself up for huge success.
  4. Content syndication/distribution: generate and syndicate the content.
  5. Authoritative signal generation: This isn’t just link-building. Google bots read content and it isn’t just about links.

You can repeat steps 3–5 every month and it will provide lifts in rankings. When the google bot is crawling a page (or it’s being reviewed by a human) this is what they look for:

  • The purpose of the page (use schema)
  • Content quality and amount (1,000+ words)
  • Website info + content creator information
  • Website repudiation + content creator reputation
  • User interaction with the page
  • EAT: Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness

EAT: Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness

EAT has its roots in authorship. Google’s algorithm wants to tie content to individuals. “Who” is really important to Google. This content will be ranked higher. It will be scoring for quality content and a level of expertise. Poorly written content will lead to a negative score in expertise.

Authoritativeness can be established through interlinking to authoritative sources. A link is a connection for Google. Every time you connect it to an authority in the space, you’re creating an authoritative connection. Many SEOs put out great content but don’t tie it to an actual individual at the company, which is a huge mistake.

Special local SEO ranking signals

60–70% of clicks on page one go to the Google map pack, which is why you want to get your Google listing in a page one map pack listing. How do you do that? What factors into those results?

  • Proximity: How close is your place of business to the person searching? You can’t change your business location, but there are a few things you can do with zip codes in your content.
  • Relevance: How relevant is the search term to your business or business category? You need to optimize your content well. It’s a great way to train Google bot with your content.
  • Prominence: Authorship and E-A-T is important here. Mention the name of your business often. The number of reviews versus the competition is also important.

How do you set up authorship and link it to a WordPress site? Listen to hear Lane’s strategy!

New Feature: Branded App Channels

Custom branded apps will be signal hubs on your client’s domain with integrations for signal generation (hosted by Quantum Signals). What does that look like?

  • Entrepreneur Media Room with SSL on Amazon Cloudfront
  • LinkedIn App (streaming of all posts to a LinkedIn profile)
  • Facebook/Facebook reviews app
  • Instagram App
  • Google my Business Reviews App
  • Google Asset Stack App
  • Pinterest App

You’re amassing the assets (content) of a digital brand on their own domain. You’ll be able to deploy all of these apps through a direct site integration (tracking code), a CNAME record, or a hosted subdomain.

Why is the media room so important? They’re fully branded and integrated on your client’s domain. It will build brand equity with thousands of signals being distributed. PR Newswire offers a similar service—with no SEO considerations—for $15,000 to start and $5,000 annually.

Listen to learn all about it and even get a quick demo!

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