Let me share a story about what happened to our agency during its growth phase.

When we reached mid-six figures and managed around 15 to 20 clients at a time…

We faced a significant hurdle.

It’s that we needed to learn how to break free from the operational aspects of the business.

After all, these are the day-to-day tasks that often hold agency owners back.

Some of those operational tasks include:

  • Managing projects
  • Inputting data into project management systems such as ClickUp, Trello, or Teamwork
  • Engaging in hands-on activities, like website development, content creation, and directory claiming

We realized that if we remain entangled in all of these operational duties…

Our agency’s growth and scalability are inevitably stifled.

So, we had to take the critical step of removing ourselves from the operational tasks.


By having an operations manager or delivery specialist in place.

This person would oversee the agency’s operations.

They’ll ensure smooth execution and handle the work that, ideally, the owner should not be directly involved in.

This is the initial step that lays the groundwork for an agency’s exponential growth.

And if you want to be the owner of a seven-figure agency ASAP…

This is a step you must be prepared to take.

Now, this role could manifest as an Operations Manager, Integrator, or any other similar term.

It just needs to involve a capable team member who’ll be responsible for managing the agency’s operations on a day-to-day basis. 

The crucial point is to shift your focus from ‘doing’ to ‘leading.’

Because as you move forward in your agency’s journey to success…

Relinquishing operational tasks is a fundamental move that’ll set the stage for effective scaling. 

It’ll open up your time and energy so you can focus on making strategic decisions, innovation, and fostering client relationships.

Now, if you’d like to explore this concept further, feel free to reach out.

We can also discuss other strategies that’ll help you meet your agency’s growth goals.

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