When it comes to landing new clients for your agency…many of us overlook the path of least resistance & it’s often the best way! I was just on a coaching call with Bruce who has a really strong business background and a massive list of past clients/business acquaintances. I urged him to START with the sphere of influence to get introductions/referrals as those appointments will be the easiest to get scheduled & the lowest level of resistance.

Always look for the path of least resistance…

There’s the hard way or the easy way to do just about anything, right? And I really want to encourage you to always think about the path of least resistance, right? If we think about how how we can go about landing clients and the different mechanisms that are available to us. Really, there’s there’s a lot of different ways right we can, we can do cold outreach and send email blasts and cold call and drop in at offices. We can do inbound marketing, put up content, do webinars, stuff like that. We can we can, like run our own ads on Facebook and on Google AdWords and try and build awareness and people to get people to opt in to our world. We can join associations and do speaking we can look for joint ventures and things like that. And all of that can work and you want to do a little bit but I find that a diversified approach tends to work best. When I was on I was on a coaching call with with Bruce Safran, a little bit earlier today. We were talking about his background and kind of his In his area of expertise, and Bruce has a real strong business background, he’s bought and sold businesses in the past. He’s got a great network of people that know like, trust him and exposed to his value in the past. And he was trying to figure out what’s going to be the best way to go out and land some new clients to kind of get some momentum in his new agency. And, you know, his mind automatically went straight to the cold outreach stuff, I’m gonna get a list, I’m gonna start doing some cold broadcasts. And while that’s effective, really, the path of least resistance would be to say, let’s think about the sphere of influence. And whether you’ve got a big network like Bruce or you’re just getting started out, start with your sphere of influence. Start with the people you’ve done business with in the past, start with the you know, friends and family that you know, that happened to know business owners or in business. You know, the people that kind of are in your, in your sphere, right? Because that’s going to be the path of least resistance if you can find someone that you’ve known that you’ve talked with in the past that knows You and offer your value that’s going to be a low resistance meeting to get in a low resistance sales opportunity to have. And even, you know, the step beyond that would be to get like get them to introduce you. So even if that sphere of influence doesn’t directly what work in the in the niche that you’re trying to work in, like we work with plumbers, right? I could get an introduction to someone I know that’s in Home Services and say, hey, look, I just wanted to reach out I’m starting a new agency or I’m trying to work with plumbing HVC companies wanting to pick your brain for a minute, and they’ll say, Sure, let’s let’s chat, and you have a chat. And at the end, they feel like they know you, they feel like they trust you. They feel like they understand what you’re up to. And they kind of like feel like they’re part of the journey that you’re trying to build trying to build a successful agency. And so they’re going to be thinking about how do I know that runs a plumbing or HPC company that I can introduce them to, or, you know, hey, my buddy bill runs out one runs a plumbing company. If you want, I’ll make an introduction and he introduces you over to Bill That’s the path of least resistance, great work the sphere of influence, get those people to introduce you. And especially if you’re just getting started out, especially if we’re just trying to get our first handful of clients. That way we can get that introduction and get the case study client, where we knock it out of the park for them and we show Hey, look, this is what we did. This is the results that we got. And then every other client thereafter isn’t as much of a chase it isn’t much as much of a struggle because we’ve got proven results right? And so in all areas of your life in all areas of business be looking for the path of least resistance. What’s up Joseph Joseph is on he says, literally 10 x my my monthly revenue after reading your book, that’s amazing, man. I’m so excited to hear that. Thank you for sharing. Um, that’s, that’s awesome. Love to hear, like, what were some of the strategies that you put in place? That worked? worked great for you. Thanks. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for joining me on this on this quick life. So that’s all I wanted to say today, you know, in in your implementation In your client acquisition and everything that you do, think about the path of least resistance. And by all means, start with your sphere of influence the people that you know the people that know you the people that you have some type of background with, because that’s going to be the fastest path to high quality appointments. So that’s it for now. Let me know what your thoughts are in comments. Hopefully this sparked some ideas that you can kind of shortcut if you’re not tapping into this fear. Do it now. I promise you it’s going to be an easier way to get some momentum going right out of the gates. I’ll talk to you soon

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