In this short but powerful episode, I’m going to show you how I’ve developed a system for my agency that has allowed us to grow and scale our business. This is the ultimate funnel that will help you generate more leads, close more deals, and make more money!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:18] Step #1: Start with a lead magnet
  • [3:00] Step #2: Schedule an appointment
  • [6:10] Step #3: Rock the sales process
  • [9:28] Step #4: Implement a hot lead follow up

Step #1: Kickstart your funnel with a lead magnet

The funnel is a simple four-step process to give prospects a reason to opt-in to our world. You probably have a lot at the top of your funnel, right? Cheatsheets, guides, keyword lists, case studies—you name it. My favorite lead magnet is a free book. If you can invest some time and energy in a good book related to your vertical, it will be a game-changer. Everyone else is doing something digital for free. If you’re putting something physical into your prospect’s hands you’ll stand out even more. 

Step #2: Schedule an appointment

This moves them from “free thing” to scheduling an appointment with you. Most agencies go wrong here. They advertise their lead magnet, email them what they request, and say “thank you.” But the most powerful page is what they see after they opt-in because you have their undivided attention. You want to say thank you—and take it one step further. 

“If you’re like most companies, you want to know how this works. But you probably want to find someone to implement this for you. If that’s you, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to schedule a led flow acceleration session.” Then you explain what that session will look like. Give them a link to schedule a time to chat. When done right, this page is money. What do you do if they don’t respond then and there? Listen to find out!

Step #3: Rock the sales process

Ask them about their company, their goals, and what they’ve tried in the past, and build rapport. You build a gap from where they are to where they want to go—and then you bridge the gap with your analysis. You should have looked at their website, done a basic audit, and looked at keyword results.

After you walk through this, ask if you can share the research you’ve done. You have to make sure you get consistent buy-in throughout the process, and then you present your pitch to them. You show them what you want to do, share your costs, and share examples of what you’ve done for others. They need to see YOU as the solution. 20–30% will say yes immediately. But the reality is that most will wait and review it. If that happens, what should you do next? Listen to find out!

Step #4: Implement a hot lead follow up

Were they excited about meeting with you but went silent after the meeting? To follow up with them, send a thank-you with the overview of the program. Send an email with your process and next steps. Engineer this all in advance. Set strategic intervals to get back on the schedule and move opportunities from interested to sold

Interested in a deep-dive training? If you’d like access to a training where I unpack this funnel in-depth type “Agency Funnel” in the comments.

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