I’ve got my niche…
I’m running cold email, putting out content, running webinars but still not landing clients on a consistent basis!?!

HERE IS HOW TO FINALLY BREAKTHROUGH And consistency land new clients in your niche.

❌ Stop prospecting in the WIDE OCEAN of potential prospects and develop your own POND of ideal clients.

To get your best prospects attention you must have an ONGOING, PROACTIVE outreach effort that touches them via multiple-channels over & over again…

Here is what has worked best for us:

✔️ Find the sub-group within your niche association of the higher level players.
✔️ Shift from targeting “anyone in your niche” and instead narrow that list to 100 – 1,000 that you can place an emphasis on.

Commit to going after them with relentless, ongoing pursuit:

✅ Become active in their group. Show up & sponsor their events. Hang out in the after-hours mixers.
✅ Share great content with them across multiple media – eMail, Social, Direct Mail, Messenger

???? What type of content should you share?

✅ A monthly topical webinar.
✅ Interviews that you conduct with successful people in the niche.
✅ Case studies

Then share that with them via eMail, Direct Mail, Social Media…

Become omnipresent in their world and watch that narrow group of idea prospects start to raise their hand ????‍♂️and come to you prepositioned to buy..

As a side benefit….all that awesome content you are creating for your “ideal prospects” becomes a magnet attracting even more clients from the greater “ocean” of prospects in your niche as well. ????

Hope this helps. Would love to hear your comments/feedback below.????

Well, hey, this is Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency and I want to shoot this video on the concept of really capturing your prospect’s attention and really becoming omnipresent in your best prospect’s world. I’ve been talking to a lot of digital marketing agencies, and they’re trying to get their prospect’s attention. A lot of them have narrowed their focus to a very specific niche. They’re like, “Hey, I’ve got a niche. I’m doing cold email. I’m doing cold calling and doing some networking, but it’s just like I don’t have any momentum. I’ll get a client here or there, but it’s not really consistently happening for me.”

And as I’ve been thinking this through and kinda trying to help guys go to the next level, I came up with a concept that I found to be pretty powerful, and what that is … I’m just going to kind of plot it out on the board here. What it is, is a lot of times you’re just focusing on anybody in your niche. So by that you’ve kind of decided, I’m going to go after fence contractors. Now you’ve got this list of fence contractors that you’ve kind of hodgepodged together and maybe you set up a website, you’re doing some SEO, you’re running some pay-per-click advertising, maybe you’re doing some cold calling, but it’s not really that concise. It’s not that tight.

And what I found is really what you’re doing is you’re trying to fish in the massive ocean of fence contractors, which means there’s some one-man operations, there’s some established guys, and it’s just kind of anything you can get within that space. What I want to suggest you do to get momentum and to get traction is to drill down and come up with your ideal prospects, really narrow from the ocean to a pond where you can put the right fish in that pond and you can really work that pond.

It’s a much smaller sea, it’s a much smaller body of water and you can fill it with the exact type of prospects that you want to sell to. And so to do this, really what I found that works best is find the groups and associations in your niche. So for us in Plumbing & HVAC there’s all of the plumbers in the United States and then there’s groups like the National Plumbing Association, which has five or 6,000 members. And then there’s subgroups within that like QSC and Service Roundtable and Nextdoor that have like 3 to 500 members.

And that’s what I want for you. I want you to be able to really narrow in on what would be ideal prospects between a hundred and a thousand ideal prospects that you can really start to work on a very consistent basis. What I call proactive outreach. So it’s not like they randomly saw a post of yours on the Internet one day and it’s not like they just randomly got a cold call from you one day, it’s like they are hearing from you multiple times per week, multiple times per month, and you’re in their universe.

And so when you’ve got a small group like this, you can get really aggressive with what I call proactive ongoing outreach. By that, I mean, sending email to them. Like value added emails, sharing webinars, sharing content. You can make sure that you run webinars and content specifically for that group. And so that as they’re being invited and as they’re attending or not attending on a consistent basis, they’re hearing from you, they’re seeing from you, they’re feeling like, “Wow, this is a value-added person in our world.”

You send direct mail to them, you send them some type of introductory kit that can really capture their attention, and you call in behind that, “Hey, I sent you this kit, wanted to see if you got it, wanted to see if you have any questions about that.” You send them a quarterly newsletter and you’re showing up in their inbox. And so by doing this, really what you can establish is omnipresence.

Omnipresence. You’re almost, it feels like you’re everywhere that they are. And you do that through email, direct mail, social media, social messenger, but this concept only works if you’ve narrowed your audience to a small group. You’re not trying to sell to everybody in the sea of prospects within your niche, but you’re really laser-focused on a hundred to a thousand. That way you can hit them again and again and again.

This is a concept kind of pulled whitley from The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes, and really his whole concept was you can develop what’s called The Dream 100 initiative and you hit that group again and again and again to the point where they go from, they’ve never heard of you, right? “Oh, this is some random guy that says he sells fence contractors,” to, “I’ve gotten some calls from this guy, I’ve gotten some emails from this guy,” to “Man, it feels like this guy is everywhere. He’s at our groups, he’s in my inbox. He showing up on my social feed all the time.”

Even to the point of, “This is kind of irritating. It seems like this guy is everywhere. I hear from him all over the place,” to, “You know what? He’s so persistent. He’s got such great content. He’s kind of proven that he understands this space. Might as well give him a shot,” to, “I’m a client,” to, “Actually, I work with that guy. He does amazing work. He’s helped me grow my business and I highly recommend him.”

And that’s what you want to do, but it only works when you narrow your field of focus to a very targeted group that you’re going to really go after on an omnichannel perspective, touch them again and again and again and again and again until they buy. So hopefully this is useful. I’d like to hear in the comments what you guys think about this concept. Are you doing this in your agency? ‘Cause I think this is really low hanging fruit to go from trying to prospect in the sea to prospecting in a small narrow pond that you’ve kind of built for yourself.

Post in the comments, let me know if you have followup questions or feedback on this and I’ll talk to you soon.

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