Today, I want to chat about an exciting strategy that’ll help increase your agency’s customer base…

And ultimately drive more revenue without having to break the bank doing PR.

You might be wondering…

What’s this amazing strategy, Josh? 

Well, it’s none other than thought leadership reports!

Have you ever wondered how the HubSpots…

The Gartners…

And the Mail Chimps of the world achieved their stellar status?

They’re like the rockstars of their industries, right?

And their secret lies in creating thought leadership reports that grab attention, educate, and captivate their audiences.

To understand the idea…

Let’s take a moment to be awe-inspired by HubSpot.

Their 2021 revenue reached a jaw-dropping $1.3 billion.

That’s the kind of money that sets imaginations on fire!

Now, guess what helped them rake in the big bucks?

Yup, you guessed it—thought leadership content.

HubSpot’s organic traffic soared to a staggering $7.3 million per month.

And the driving force behind this incredible feat is their thought leadership content.

These ingenious pieces not only generate buzz and go viral…

But they also work wonders for SEO.

Now, the question is…

How can you become the Hubspot of your niche?

The answer is simple:

Create a thought leadership report that resonates with the business owners in your niche.

Craft a data-packed benchmark report that ignites curiosity and excitement among all the folks in your industry.

Picture them raising their hands and exclaiming…

“Hey, that’s the data we’ve been craving!”

By creating a benchmark report that resonates with business owners in your niche…

You’ll establish your agency as a trusted authority and magnetize prospects to your door.

Your report will be a treasure trove of unique insights…

A valuable resource that sets you apart from the crowd.

Now, if you want to know how you can create such effective thought leadership pieces…

Comment below and we’ll help you out.

Can’t wait to hear back from you!

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