On this quick video I walk you through some very important (and basic) settings that can make a big difference in the quality of the videos you shoot from your office or home office for Webinars & things like that.

This made a huge difference for me with the quality of my videos…

You can see how I set up my video studio (I walk you through the equipment, lighting, etc) by clicking here.

How to get DSRL Type Quality from your Logitech Webcam

I want to shoot this quick followup video on tweaking the settings of your webcam because I was pretty much convinced I had to get a DSLR camera or something to look better in my video studio, and I showed a video that kind of walked you through what we did with the lighting, what we did with the sound, made a big difference in how everything looks and how everything feels, but one thing that really made a big difference was just understanding the software that goes with your Logitech webcam, that I didn’t even know it existed, because I sat down to do my video this morning after having the videographer set everything up and it still looked terrible. My face was burned. It just … it didn’t look like … I was like, “Man, he spent all this time, I thought he fixed it.”

Well, the fact is I had to go in to the webcam software. So, first of all if you use like a Logitech webcam, there’s lots of good ones. The one I have is the C … I’ll tell you right now, it’s the C920, but what you have to do is install that software. So search … it doesn’t have to be the C920. There’s lots of those like HD Logitech webcams. They sit right on top of your monitor. Just run a search on Google for the software associated with that and you’ll find it, you’ll download it and what you get is a little piece of software that looks like this, camera settings. So I’m just gonna load that up for you and kind of show you.

These are the camera settings that you have access to. If you just look at it, it doesn’t look like there’s anything here, but what you need to do is understand the difference between widescreen and standard. Usually if you’re doing zoom video, something on Facebook live, you want to use that widescreen setting. It’s pretty important.

But more important than that is these advanced settings right here, because depending upon whether you have a nice light in front of you, you have a window behind you, you’ve got a window open in front of you, your lighting can be totally weird and totally jacked up and not balanced. What you want to do is go into these settings and adjust them. I’m just gonna show you. When I came in this morning, everything was set to 50%, contrast 50%. This is where it defaults to and look at this. If I were to show up like this for my webinar to do like a quick Facebook live which is what I’ve been doing, you guys are like, “Man, what’s wrong? There’s something wrong with this guy’s video setup. It just doesn’t look right.”

So that’s why. The camera doesn’t know how to adjust. You need this software installed and then from there you can go in and tweak the brightness. So, okay, my contrast is off so I bring that down a little bit. My brightness is way off. It’s way too bright so I’m gonna bring that down to let’s call it 30%. Again, this is gonna be different for everybody because right now I’ve got a white light facing down on me, I’ve got the overhead light off. I’ve got these two little lights on the sides of me, so mine is a little bit different than yours is gonna be.

Color intensity, I want my skin tone to look natural, so bring that down to maybe like 36%. I want to change the white balance just a tad. White balance is what makes your skin tone look reddish or blueish so you want it to have a little bit of a pink tone. You can already see that makes a big difference in how I look. I’m already focused, but just my … the brightness on my face and how burned I am. So this is what the … that’s what it is. This is the HD webcam C920 control center. You can download it with your webcam.

What this means is instead of feeling like you have to buy a special adapter, which I bought a special DSLR adapter that’s $399. It’s an adapter that lets me plug my DLSR through HDMI into my computer and now I’ve got a cool DSLR hanging up there. Then you’ve got that adapter which is $399 let’s just say and then a decent DSLR is between $500 and $1000 and it’s like, “Okay, I guess that’s what I have to do to have a high-quality shot.” The fact is, you’re doing webinars. You guys aren’t making high production videos, you’re making webinars. You’re shooting web videos like this and so you just want it to look good. You want the lighting to look okay. You want the sound to be really good and this software gives you the ability to have a really toned, nice looking video image without having to do all kinds of extra stuff.

That’s it for now. I just wanted to shoot this to kind of walk you through these settings. Very, very kind of basic stuff that makes a big difference in how crisp and clean your video looks. So hopefully this helps. The other thing obviously is the mic and you can get a Yeti mic for $100. You can already hear the difference in the sound of my video because I have this mic and the other thing is the position of the mic. You gotta make sure it’s close enough, you gotta make sure that your gain is set correctly. I shot a separate video just walking you through my home office setup so now you have it. Hopefully this helps. If you have questions or comments, let me know below and we can take it from there.

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