I’ve got a great list of prospects in my niche…why would I join the industry association??

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Here’s the chat transcript for your reference:

Well you guys, this is Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency. I was talking with one of our MasterMind members, Matthew Vasquez the other day and we were just kind of brainstorming his 90 day plan, how we can grow his agency. He’s choosing to focus on a very specific niche and really get deep with that, develop a list. Do some cold outreach, do some phone outreach and starting to plant some seeds to grow his agency within that space.

And he’s got a list that he’s starting to do his cold outreach to and I brought up, “What about the associations? Have you joined the industry associations within that niche?” He said, “You know I looked at it and I don’t know what the benefits are. I can use their logo. I might get some contact details. I don’t know that they would be of any benefit to me.” And so, I was like, “Well, let me just kind of unpack some of the reasons that I think it makes a lot of sense to join the industry association.”

So, the first piece is you get access to their list, right? And it’s useful to have access to that list because the people on that list are usually … they’re buyers. In order to be in an association they had to pay some type of dues to be part of the association. It’s better than a list you can get from Info USA or from one of these places where it’s just aggregated data. You’re getting really a buyers list. It may not be the highest quality list but it is a buyer list nonetheless. And so that’s powerful.

The second reason is affiliation. And you can draft on the affiliation with that association. So, rather than just reaching out via cold email saying, “Hey, I’m looking to work with one company in your area and it’s going to be first come, first served.” You could say, “Hey we’re members of the XYZ Association and we wanted to introduce ourselves. And we wanted to send you some additional information.” And you can draft on that so there’s definite benefit to it. We’ve gotten a lot of benefit drafting on the associations that we’re involved in within our space.

The other thing is as you join the association you have the opportunity to participate in their events. Most associations in your niche, they meet a couple times a year at local level and at a national level. And by being in the association, by being an active member you can exhibit at their events. Ideally in the future you can plant some seeds to speak at their events and these are all just really good reasons that it makes sense to join the association with your niche, get access to that database and then be creative with how you reach out.

So, reach out via email. Reach out via phone. Reach out via direct mail. Be at their events and association meetings and it can really shortcut the process to positioning yourself as the expert within your type of business and to get clients raising their hand and hiring your agency services.

So, just a quick thought on that subject of why joining the association makes sense. If you’d like more ideas on this go ahead and post in comments. If you’re actively involved in your niche association and it’s working well for you or it’s not put that in there as well. I’d love to hear that and hopefully this helps. Hopefully this gives you another idea that you can use to go out, position yourself as the expert and get clients coming to you pre-positioned to buy.

Talk to you later.