More clients mean more profit for the agency, right?

You need to have new clients coming in each month if you want to have a seven-figure agency.

This makes lead generation one of the most critical aspects of the business.

Now, if you’re having trouble getting clients…

Let me share with you the three elements that’ll allow you to win clients consistently.

#1. Have a full-funnel strategy

You need to have a good marketing strategy to get prospects to come into your agency.

That’s how you get people to know about your agency and what you offer.

You could do this through social media ads, word-of-mouth, or using other ways.

The important thing is that you reach your target audience.

In my case, I was targeting plumbers, so I set up a website designed for them.

#2. Build authority

No client will hire someone that they don’t trust.

And there’s no better way for them to trust you than by being seen as the go-to in your space.

If you’re an expert in your field, prospects can come in pre-positioned to buy.

So, how do you build your authority?

The best way is to do quality work.

Showcase your achievements on your page.

Display your certificates and credentials if you have any.

All these will make clients believe in your agency’s capabilities more.

#3. Have a solid sales process

The most crucial aspect of winning clients is an outstanding sales process.

They shouldn’t experience friction as they go from being a prospect to a customer.

One way to ensure that is by presenting your product or service properly.

Highlight your agency’s advantages and the value you bring to their business.

If you have all these elements in your agency…

It’ll be easier for you to build up your client base.

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