If you’re struggling with clients canceling or calling for a pause on your services…

Then you need to rethink your client retention strategy.

And one thing that you can focus on is this:

Your onboarding process.

See, how you come out of the gates with your clients when they sign up will determine whether or not they’ll be with you a year down the road.

So, what does it take to create that world-class onboarding experience?

  • Kick Off with a Bang

The best way to start your relationship with a client is by showing your appreciation.

In our agency, that means a personal touch.

It could be through a personalized message thanking them for their business…

Or a gift basket in the mail.

These small gestures will not only make you stand out…

But it will also increase the client’s trust in your agency.

Right off the bat, you’ll stand out in a professional and impactful way.

  • Make the Data Collection Seamless

An essential part of the onboarding process is collecting the client’s information.

These include usernames, passwords, domain access, and USP.

Often, a lot of agencies make it harder for the client than it needs to be.

For example, they give a client long questionnaires that take forever to answer.

What you need to do instead is engineer a process that’ll help collect that information easily.

Think of it like going over to the client’s side of the table and asking directly:

“Hey, where are you stuck? What information do you not have?”

Then, help them track that information down so it’s easier for both of you.

  • Engineer Quick Wins

One of the biggest reasons why a client ends their relationship with an agency is this:

They’re still not seeing results after giving their information. 

So, you want to be strategic with what you can do in a week that will generate a tangible result.

The key to this is giving them quick wins.

An example of a quick win is launching a pay-per-click campaign.

You don’t need to have the website done…

But you can already start generating leads for the client.

So now, let me ask you:

Does your agency’s onboarding process have all that?

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