What would you say is your most powerful marketing asset?

It might not be what you think… Watch this quick video with some key insights on how to drive more client case studies & testimonials.

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What’s up guys hope you’re doing awesome. I’m here at my home office in my makeshift Video Studio shooting some video content for our clients at plumbing and HVAC SEO. Got a question for you. What do you think is the most valuable marketing asset in your business would love to hear from you guys in comments on this most valuable marketing asset and you might say, it’s a book, right? The book positions you as the expert and, you know, if you’re the author of the book, then you’re the person at the front of the room and you’re the expert. I want to tell you that’s not the most powerful marketing asset though it is an extremely powerful marketing asset. Really, the most powerful marketing asset is social proof. It’s clients that you serve, that you’ve knocked it out of the park for clients that are getting results from what it is that you sell, and most importantly them saying it about you as opposed to you just telling the story about them. So hundred percent thing you should be focused on with every client you serve. is knocking out of the park for them, getting them such great results that they would happily Come on video. You Say how awesome you are and what a great job you’ve done and the results that you’ve helped them get in their life and in their business. And that’s what I’m doing right now I’m working on some assets that really simplify that process of getting those types of testimonials, getting that type of social feedback that you can incorporate into your website that you can incorporate into your meeting sequences that you can incorporate into your closing campaigns to make people want to come to you pre positioned to buy and pay premium rates. I want to share a cool tool that I’ve come across. So it was actually introduced to me by Nathan Hersh from outsource school, I saw him using it. I was like, that’s kind of cool. I want to learn more about that. And it’s called video ask. And it’s just a very simple web based application that lets you ask for video testimonials in a very non assuming and easy to consume way from your customers. And so I’ve already unpacked what I call the the case study builder, right? I’ve got a platform that I’ve been A very specific series of questions that you asked in a very specific way to get the client to say, Hey, here’s why I hired you. Here’s where I was at when we started. Here’s the struggles I was facing. Here’s been my experience so far, here’s the result. And that’s kind of the meat and potatoes that you really want. I was here, you know, we were doing a million dollars per year in revenue, and now we’re doing five, or whatever it is you want that and the impact of that. So how has that impacted the results? And so that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m shooting videos that ask those questions and make it easy for our clients to share their experience and to share their feedback. And so if you like to know what those questions are the questions that I asked to get that type of feedback in the tool, kind of the process I’m using to create these case studies, just like case studies in the comments, and I’ll hook you up with that. So that’s it for now. Hope you’re doing awesome. Case studies and comments. most powerful piece of social proof that you can get as a video testimonial from a Customer talking about their experience, why they hired you and the results that they’ve got. So you got to be thinking about how do you generate outstanding results for your clients on a very consistent basis? How do you create such an amazing experience that they would happily shoot that kind of video? And how do you simplify the process and bake it in to your operation, so you get solid feedback, solid case study content, for from every client that you serve. That’s all for now. I’ll talk to you soon.

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