Join me as I interview David Kauzlaric & Erich Schaefer from Agency Elevation on how they built a multiple seven-figure agency, Agency Elevation. Agency Elevation offers white label SEO, PPC, Facebook, and TikTok ads from an entirely US-based team. Erich oversees ads and David oversees SEO. They complement each other in a natural way that makes sense. In this agency success interview, they share insights on how to deliver world-class results for clients and reveal the service mix that is having the biggest impact from a results perspective

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:04] Learn more about David Kauzlaric and Erich Schaefer
  • [3:28] The basics of their SEO and ad services
  • [7:01] Why they choose to white label their services
  • [8:46] How Agency Elevation maintains volume paired with impeccable standards
  • [18:25] How a niche agency can corner an obscure SEO market
  • [22:45] Runnings Facebook ads for an obscure niche
  • [26:00] What it looks like working with a white label agency
  • [30:26] The unique angle they take with TikTok
  • [39:31] The Agency Elevation pricing model
  • [42:27] The lessons they’ve learned scaling their agency
  • [46:08] How agencies can find success in their space
  • [52:16] Your client selection will make or break you

The basics of their white label SEO and ad services

Because Eruch and David each have an agency background, they had a lot of connections in the industry. When agencies began to approach them to white label work for them, they realized there was something there. That—coupled with their background agency knowledge—is the main reason why they choose the white label model.

Agency Elevation handles everything within the ad platforms for their clients, from ad setup, campaign setup, audience creation, and more—they own it all. They also make sure their partners have created successful landing pages that are conversion optimized. They make sure tracking tags are placed properly.

Their base SEO package is full-service, starting at $399 per account per month. Because they work with seven-figure agencies that need specific services, they also offer customizable packages. They also offer a consultative approach where they’re able to look at a campaign and tell them what to change for optimal results. This approach has been a large differentiator for them.

They deeply integrate with their partners via Slack. They don’t offer a transactional white-label approach. The root of the services is full setup—often on the same business day. They optimize the accounts every week of the year. It’s a comprehensive service.

What it looks like working with a white label agency

Currently, David and Erich only work with agencies that have at least five clients. Most of them are established agencies and they’re simply stepping in to amplify their results. Regardless of the size of their account, they always take a consultative approach. Even if their opinion isn’t asked for, they’ll speak up respectfully to make sure the agency is getting the best results possible.

From a sales standpoint, they not only help get the agencies they work with ranked, but they are fully invested in their growth. They’ll even provide free SEO audits for their clients’ prospects. They offer strategic insight based on their budget and market to help them get the best ROI. Even when they jump on a call with a client’s prospect, they brand themselves as part of that agency.

They rarely ask agencies for reviews out of respect for the clients they work with. If they have a new agency interested in their services, they offer to make case studies with their clients they can use to market their services.

How Agency Elevation maintains volume paired with impeccable standards

They differentiate themselves by operating with a completely US-based team. Everyone works in the same time zone. Their content and communication are a step above. They deliver high-grade service to their clients. They also have S&Ps and processes in place.

David states that he learned from past mistakes where he over-committed. He never wanted to say no to people. To deliver results at a high level, you need a world-class team in place—so hire early. Each level they scale brings new challenges. So they advise every agency owner to stop trying to do everything yourself and hire people early.

Hiring people within their network has proven to be an asset for their company. The level of loyalty and work ethic—being that they’re in the same circle—is a benefit. They have very little turnover. Focus on scaling your business and let someone on your team handle the details. Get out of the day-to-day and become a high-level operator.

The unique angle they take with TikTok

TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021. It’s a very popular platform. Because of this, David and Erich decided it was time to embrace their platform and start offering ads. The process is similar to Facebook. It’s the same stage of the funnel. It’s scalable to build out if you’re comfortable with Facebook’s processes. The platform is almost identical—the same look, feel, and terminology. The results have almost been better than Google ads. You can acquire impressions, costs, and leads at a lower cost than Facebook.

The only caveat is that the most granular you can target is by DMA (which in itself is new). Erich believes that better targeting will come. How are they combating the problem? They’re making sure the video and copy speaks to their particular audience. Erich believes you’ll only hear more about TikTok. Any service you’re not offering that you’re equipped to offer, you should. Offering TikTok ads makes your agency look progressive.

Erich and David cover an immense amount of helpful tips and strategies your agency can adopt. Don’t miss their interview!

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