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We are on a mission to help 100 Digital Marketing Agencies Grow to Seven Figures & Beyond over the next 10 years. It’s so exciting to see the success of our members, students & clients.  Take a look at a few of the case studies below:

Three years ago Alan Hillsberg was struggling in his SEO & Web Design Business. His company was making six figures—but there was no profit or consistency. He took the Seven Figure Agency Blueprint and reworked his entire business model and decided to focus on the funeral home industry. His agency—Funeral Home Marketing Services—is now doing seven figures per year and growing quicker than ever. Listen for his astounding testimonial.

A few years ago Brian Stearman was running a lawn maintenance business. He knew it was time for a change, so he dove into digital marketing. However, he struggled to land clients and gain momentum. He joined the Seven Figure Agency to take his business to the next level. We helped him decide on his niche and map out his packages/service offerings. He got aggressive with his marketing and it changed everything. Today, his agency Lawncare Marketing Mechanic is the go-to agency in the lawncare niche—doing close to a million dollars per year in revenue (and growing by 8-10 new clients per month). Listen for his success story!

Jimmy Nicholas was the GKIC Marketer of the year a few years back and is no stranger to success. He joined the Seven Figure Agency because he wanted to diversify his marketing and lead generation strategy. He also wanted to scale his team to facilitate the growth of his business. Jimmy’s agency—Jimmy Marketing—is now the top marketing firm in the world for Orthodontists. He has grown to make over $3 million per year with a completely virtual team. To hear how he made this spectacular shift happen and the lessons he’s learned throughout the process, listen to his success story now!

Brian Niebler & Jim Ahlin own Roofer Marketers—a digital marketing agency serving the roofing space. Before joining the Seven Figure Agency they hadn’t chosen a niche for their agency, which left them with inconsistent revenue. They decided to focus on the new niche specializing in building custom online marketing systems for roofing, siding, & gutter contractors. Since they made the shift, they have accelerated the growth of their digital marketing agency to over $50,000 a month of recurring revenue—in just over a year. While adding an additional 5–6 new clients per month. Listen to hear how they’ve scaled their internet marketing business—and what you can do, too.

Danny Barrera is the owner of Concrete Marketing Crew and was awarded our 2018 Rookie Agency of the Year AND 2019 Agency of the year. After joining Seven Figure Agency, his business has grown from just about $10,000 per month in recurring revenue to over $90,000 in monthly recurring revenue!  He had struggled for years as a generalist agency but when he finally chose his niche everything changed. He honed in on his business model and got a stellar client attraction machine in place with the help of the Seven Figure Agency Coaching & Mentorship Program. To learn how you can find success with this program, listen to his compelling testimonial!

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Video Testimonials

Listen to what some of the other members are saying about the program & how it’s impacted their lives and agency growth.

Sean McMeen – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Sean McMeen is the owner of Vinnie Mac Marketing. When he joined the Seven Figure Agency, his agency didn’t have a focused niche—so they constantly had to learn a new process for every new client that came in the door. Every single project was different. While they found success, it wasn’t a process that was easy to replicate. So when Sean joined in September of 2019, he chose to focus on the restoration niche. When he started, he was at $15,000 in recurring revenue. As of May 2020, he has doubled his client load and increased revenue to $28,000 recurring per month. In this testimonial, Sean shares what made the biggest impact on him and helped him take his marketing agency to the next level.

Andy Leonard – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Andy Leonard is the owner of Law Firm Marketing Pros. When Andy joined Seven Figure Agency 6 months ago, his business was in a rut. After 5+ years in business, they found themselves treading water at $65,000 a month in revenue. They struggled to bring on and retain quality clients. Since joining, they’ve refined their operations and applied hiring and training process to tighten up their backend. By increasing the value of what they offer, they started landing higher-value clients. Now they’re targeted to hit $100,000 a month in recurring revenue and are officially becoming a seven figure agency. Listen to hear why Andy committed to Seven Figure Agency—and why you should too.

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Alan Hillsberg – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Alan Hillsberg is the Director at Funeral Home Marketing Services. When he first joined the Seven Figure Agency, his business offered great services but his agency structure wasn’t built to scale. He was making $10,000 a month and dealing with constant turnover. When he joined, he eagerly and diligently followed our guidance. Now, he’s no longer struggling with money and has the peace of mind he was looking for. He truly helps his clients achieve their goals and have profitable businesses too. Ultimately, they can attribute their success to Alan. Now, he’s proud to say he’s met the seven-figure threshold—and couldn’t be happier.

Jim Ahlin – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Jim Ahlin joined the Seven Figure Agency because he was looking for a proven formula to expedite the growth of the business he owns with Brian Niebler: Roofer Marketers. Since joining, he’s learned they can swipe, deploy, and execute—efficiently implementing new strategies for their growth. Jim notes that help from the group coupled with individual coaching sessions has been a game-changer for them. When they started with Seven Figure Agency they had about four clients with $4,500 in monthly revenue. Now, they have 26 clients with close to $57,000 in recurring monthly revenue. 

Chris Pistorius – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Chris Pistorius runs KickStart Dental Marketing, a digital marketing agency serving the dental industry. Before Chris joined the Seven Figure Agency, he found himself unable to scale his business and was doing all of the sales and fulfillment on his own. Chris found the course extremely helpful and has benefited greatly from the Facebook community. Since joining, Chris has transitioned to being an owner—to work on the business, not in the business. If you’ve been burned by other programs or courses, the Seven Figure Agency is different. Chris was able to take his business from making $250,000 a year, to now making just under a $1 million a year. Find out how you can do the same!

John Henao – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

John Henao—the Head of Marketing and Sales at Ewizer Law—specializes in the legal niche. He joined the Seven Figure Agency for guidance, accountability, and mentorship to take his agency to the next level. Since joining, they’ve gained six new recurring monthly clients—bringing them a huge momentum shift. They’ve fixed their sales cycle, implemented new systems and funnels, and have catapulted their growth. There is no doubt that they’ve increased their revenue. But beyond that, John has also found accountability and built friendships within the Seven Figure community. Above all, he has gained freedom. So can you. Listen to learn more!

Mark Petree – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

When Mark Petree with Limo Marketer started with the Seven Figure Agency, he was stuck at around $45,000 in revenue monthly. After implementing the Seven Figure process, he grew to $85,000 a month in recurring revenue. Mark points out that the best part isn’t about the increase in profit, but about being able to level up and grow as a business owner. Mark 100% believes that the Seven Figure Agency constantly over-delivers and points out that the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

Daniel Veiga – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

When Daniel Veiga from The Driving Force joined the Seven Figure Agency, his agency had a steady 40–45 clients. Since joining, he’s more than doubled his clients to 94 and his revenue is at $150,000 monthly. Danny points out that the community, the experiences, the in-person meetings, and the step-by-step walkthroughs make the implementation process seamless. The Seven Figure Agency has given him options, the ability to do what he wants, and the freedom to make the choices he wants—in business and life. 

Danny Barrera – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

When Danny Barrera of Concrete Marketing Crew joined The Seven Figure agency, he lacked a sense of clear direction with his business. Danny’s life took off during the Wednesday coaching session. In 10 minutes he figured out his niche, where to go, what to do next—and everything grew from there. He went from struggling to pay for his basic necessities to making close to $100,000 a month in recurring revenue. Danny shares that The Seven Figure agency isn’t just a business model and information—it’s a safe community to ask questions and get feedback coupled with one-on-one mentorship and coaching. He points out that one of the greatest impacts on him personally was being able to tell his mother: You don’t have to go to work anymore. I will take care of you. What a powerful story.

Wesley Smith – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Wesley Smith served a vast variety of contractors and KNEW he needed to niche down to grow his business. He joined the Seven Figure Agency as he chose his niche in the tree service industry and branded as Tree Service Digital. After 4–6 months of implementing each step in the process, Tree Service Digital has tripled its niche clients. Wesley points out that the Seven Figure Agency offers a proven roadmap of step-by-step training to get your clients great results, get referrals, and grow your agency. He implores you to join the Seven Figure Agency for an interactive group experience where you get true answers to your questions. Listen to his testimonial for the details!

Ryan Davis – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Ryan Davis operates Davis Construction Marketing, which specializes in marketing for local concrete coating and painting companies. Ryan joined Seven Figure Agency because he needed a process in place to get to the next level—and what he got was a laser-focused avenue for growth. In the 3 weeks since he’s joined he’s already gained a new client. Beyond that, he’s gained a system and a next-step process to help move his business forward. He’s also found mental confidence and has ZERO doubt that he will hit the seven-figure mark using the Seven Figure Agency model. Ryan self-admittedly isn’t a course person and prefers the hands-on approach of mentorship—and he found that with this program. Watch to learn more! 

John Svantner – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

John Svantner is the CEO of Mortgage Broker Marketing. John had actually followed Josh for a long-time—well before he founded Seven Figure Agency. When he saw Josh had created a mastermind group/mentorship program he jumped on board immediately. He had under 5 recurring clients when he started—and zero gameplan for services. Two years later, the business serves 20 mortgage brokers with increased revenue. John was able to quit his corporate job and now works full-time in the company. He’s gained influence over his professional life as well as gained the potential for financial growth and financial freedom. John notes that if you’ve been part of different coaching problems—nothing compares to what Josh has put together. The program goes beyond anything he’s ever seen. Listen to his testimonial for more details!

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Sean Dennin – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Sean Dennin is a Partner in Acumen Legal Marketing which serves bankruptcy attorneys within the legal niche. They joined the Seven Figure Agency because they wanted to grow and expand into digital marketing—and do it fast. After meeting Josh and learning more about the program, Sean felt joining was a no-brainer decision. Sean believes they accelerated the business 6–12 months, within one month of joining Seven Figure Agency. One year later, they have over 10 clients and $21,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Sean has found great success through the connections with peers in the industry, strategy calls, and much more. If you’re hesitant about joining, Sean says: “Stop thinking—just do it.”

Josh Konigsberg – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Josh Konigsberg with Law Firm Marketing Pros joined Seven Figure Agency because he wanted to accelerate their lead flow and growth. He’s felt they’ve accomplished this with the tools and network of like-minded and super-smart individuals at Seven Figure Agency. Since joining in November 2019, they’ve gone from $65,000 a month to hopefully soon eclipse $100,000 a month. Josh is projecting to have a 100% increase in revenue by November 2020. The business is more structured and organized, has a better delivery in place, and Josh has also reached numerous personal goals (check out the video to see the amazing Jeep he was able to purchase). He notes that hands-down, it’s the “Best investment as a business that we’ve ever made.

Rudy Hettrick – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Rudy Hettrick—the founder of Clean Green SEO—works exclusively with the lawn, landscaping, and exterior cleaning industry. He sought out the Seven Figure Agency to help overcome the rut he found himself in. He recently started and has begun implementing what he needs to implement. The support from the Seven Figure Agency has helped him overcome his fears and do things he never thought he could. It’s changed his confidence level, boosted his productivity and efficiency, and he’s happier than ever. According to Rudy, If you’re committed to growing and scaling your business, this is the perfect program for you.

Eddie Hill – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Eddie Hill owns and operates Prosperous Internet Marketing Inc. which has been operating since 2011 with 5 different niches. He sought out the Seven Figure agency because he wanted to find like-minded individuals who were aggressively building seven-figure agencies. The largest personal impact he’s seen from the group is philosophical, and oriented around mindset. He’s learning about sales processes, pricing, software, and services rendered. Since joining, they’ve implemented very specific high-level strategies leading to a dramatic 100% increase on their net bottom-line. He’s been able to implement a monthly raise on his salary as well as raises for key employees. Eddie has seen massive leaps forward with his business since joining the Seven Figure Agency and has no doubt you will see the same results.

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Matt Coffy – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

Matt Coffy is the CEO of PracticeBloom, an agency that helps medical practices with business marketing solutions. He also operates Profit Engines. He’s been an avid supporter of Seven Figure Agency since the very beginning. He’s grown from a handful of clients from the early days to now operating a seven-figure agency with over 100 clients, grossing $1.2 million yearly. Matt knows he can build something from scratch and turn it into a profitable business to support his family. The freedom to work on new projects and serve in leadership capacities has been impactful for him. Matt highly recommends starting the journey with Seven Figure Agency—right now.

Stephan Alberts – Case Study – Seven Figure Agency

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Seven Figure Agency Review

Written Testimonials

“I have owned a digital marketing agency for 5 years. I’ve been a consumer of training courses…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve spent thousands…and I’ve made tens of thousands. But I haven’t yet hit that seven-figure mark within a year.

This course, by Josh Nelson, Seven Figure Agency, is by far the BEST money I’ve ever spent. I would even go so far as to say, if you purchase this and follow it, you shouldn’t need to buy another course for a LONG time, if ever. I made my money back, plus some, in less than 30 days.

My highest recommendation goes to Josh and his partner, Dean. Get on board, and start building that seven-figure agency!

On My Way to 7 Figures!”

Jeanne-KolendaJeanne Kolenda

“AMAZED, EXCITED, MOTIVATED. Those three words sum up how I feel about Dean and Josh’s “Seven Figure Agency Blueprint” course. I’ll explain those in just a minute. Let me first provide you some background regarding WHY I signed up for their course.

I own a typical online marketing company, when I say typical, I mean we help any type of local business get more customers through our online marketing efforts. . We’ve been able to build a successful business in the low six figures, but I wanted more for our business.

The challenges we faced is that our customers greatly differed from one another. We had chiropractors, a wedding music business, Scandinavian furniture business, urgent cares, dentists, ultrasound clinics, massage therapists, commercial realty companies, moving companies, electricians, E-Cig retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, computer repair companies, pet store, life coaching companies…the list goes on and on.

We LOVE each and every one of our clients, but as you can tell, there isn’t any consistency. The language is different among these businesses such as who they service. Some are clients, customers, patients, guests etc. And while the foundation for getting them more customers online is very similar, the process isn’t easily repeatable. We needed to research and find out what niche specific directories to place them on, what backlinks to go after, the articles we were writing / content for their websites were all different. The process has to be reinvented over and over again….and we were starting to bang our heads against the wall.

So what made me decide on making an investment in the Seven Figure Agency Blueprint course? With the exception of the online marketers who are selling the “Next Best Thing / Shiny Object” products, I kept on finding the marketers who were really making the big bucks in this field had focused on a niche. I mean think of it, you focus on a niche, you get recognized as the expert, you streamline your processes, and get this…you can charge a little more because people expect to pay more for a specialist.

I had met Josh and Dean through a few online groups we’re both members of and met them personally back in July as well as October of 2014. I knew these guys knew what they were doing and was so excited to hear that they were taking what had made them into a multi-million dollar company and putting that into a mentoring course. Trust me, when I heard about it, I signed up then and there.

So what did the course cover? Honestly, everything you need to get your existing local marketing company over that hump and make into a very successful niche focused business. They cover scripts, they cover the key factors about establishing expertise and credibility. How to qualify, research and approach your niche for business is covered. How to pick out a niche, yep that is in there as well. EVERYTHING you need to turn your generic business into a successful niche based business is in there. They cover fulfillment, how to write a book to establish authority, what services to offer, how to leverage direct mail to get your foot in the door. Josh and Dean also take you through scenarios where they’re actually going through a sales call with a prospect. What to discuss, how to present it, how to ask for the sale. I’ve taken a few online marketing courses from some of the leaders in the industry and they were all great…they helped me build my business to where I’m out of the basement and into an office suite….but to really get to that next level, I knew I needed something else. THIS IS THAT SOMETHING ELSE.

Now one thing I’ll state is that if you’re not already having success with your online marketing company, I don’t know that this is the right course for you. When I say success, I mean that you have a profitable full time business in this industry. The reason I say this is that I believe that the course offers the most success to those who have already gone through the challenges of establishing a business and we all know there are many. This picks up where that left off. Consider it your graduate course to your bachelors.

I honestly cannot say enough about this course and what Dean and Josh have provided. I cannot wait to see what is in store for my new business, hopefully more trips to the bank!”

“I have been doing SEO for anyone who would ask, and doing SEO at such low mark ups, I really couldn’t give my clients the right service or a service that really understood their particular business. I did not have the right fundamentals in place and I wasn’t making enough money to support my family in the way I intended. I was working a business that went “paycheck to paycheck and panic to panic.” It was not the business I wanted. Josh’s Seven Figure Agency changed direction for me. My fundamentals and approach towards my business have been corrected and I feel I am on my way to the success and security I deserve. I started this course from scratch. We are just under 3 months old as of this writing and I am already making “head turning” presentations in my new niche. Although still too early,  I have 6 new deals that potential prospects are considering and no doubt expect this business to take off shortly. Yes, it is hard work, and you need good organization and an action plan to make it happen,  (thats your part) but Josh lays everything out for you. No wondering and no guessing. Josh has laid out a game plan that I understand is producing almost $200,000 per month in revenue for him.  For me, Josh has laid out the perfect business model to duplicate his success”

Alan HillsbergAlan Hillsberg, Optimized Mobile

“I wanted to thank you for the course you just finished teaching; Seven Figure Agency. I was really excited to have the course since it is what I have wanted to do for a while. My problem was that I didn’t really know where to start. I have to say that you put it completely together for me. There was zero fluff and it directly addressed everything I needed to get on track to build my business. You and Dean went far beyond what I had expected. It was thorough and detailed to the point that I know that I will have a successful business in time just by following your advice. I really appreciate the fact that I have access to the material and can review any part at any time. Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely, one thousand times. It was really worth it and appreciated your content, your follow through with questions, the tools and resources and most of all the fact that you care about our success. I truly thank you guys and would like to stay in touch and let you know how I am progressing.”

Ed GelbEd Gelb

“The Seven Figure Agency provides everything you need in order to create a real, high revenue, monthly reoccurring, money machine. I’m so lucky to be a part of this and my family’s future will be much brighter because of it. I have owned and run the same business for the past 28 years and up until now, never changed course because I always believed there was nothing better out there……in fact I planned to pass my business on to my son.
Yet, after experiencing the Seven Figure Agency program first hand, I now have him following the Seven Figure Agency model as well because I truly believe it is his best opportunity for a bigger and better future.”

Dean PerkinsDean Perkins

“Josh, Dean and the team at Seven Figure Agency are out of this world. First of all, they really want you to succeed!  It’s obvious because of how they go above and beyond the expectation to help you.  Second, they are incredibly knowledgeable and humble.  Their expertise is assuring as you look to grow your business but they are humble enough to always seek out new knowledge and wisdom to pass along.  I appreciate that type of humble leadership.  You will appreciate sitting under their wisdom and it will be well worth you money and time.”

The 7 Figure Agency Training was exactly what I was looking for.  I had tried in the past to build a local marketing business and failed.  I knew it was what I wanted to do but after my initial experience, I lacked the confidence that I would be able to deliver results and build a sustainable business.  The 7 Figure Agency Training Program changed everything for me.  I now know exactly what services to offer, what to charge and how to deliver results.  In fact, clients are now coming out of nowhere to work with me. 

Laura WhitelawLaura Whitelaw

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