In this Agency Success Interview, I chat with Billy Sticker from ChiroCandy Marketing. Listen to learn how he’s built massive momentum in his agency, hit over 7 Figures, & landed 20 new clients in the past 3 weeks. He shares some amazing insights on how to grow your agency and knock it out of the park for your clients.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:07] A little bit about Billy Sticker
  • [6:35] One of the things ChiroCandy does differently
  • [10:50] What ChiroCandy’s package looks like
  • [25:04] The importance of learning how to delegate
  • [30:55] Keep clients coming in with the 5 Ps
  • [41:50] The average ad spend for a chiropractor
  • [43:20] The makeup of ChiroCandy staff
  • [45:12] How the podcast positions them in the market
  • [48:16] How are Chiropractors incentivized to refer?
  • [49:11] How ChiroCandy does Facebook ads
  • [57:40] Winning a Two Comma Club Award
  • [1:01:39] Connect with Billy Sticker
  • [1:02:51] How Billy’s Christian values apply to the business

It all started with a marketing plan and a prayer

Pre ChiroCandy, Billy worked as a youth pastor and in sales for precious metals and coin companies. He was doing really well, but he wasn’t happy. He met a chiropractor who was looking for someone to do marketing for him. Billy had zero experience, so he went out and bought some books. Then he wrote an 11-page marketing plan and handed it to the chiropractor—along with his resume—when he was interviewed. He was the only person interviewed that didn’t have a college degree—but the marketing plan was gold. He ended up getting hired and fell in love with the chiropractic field.

In 2008 Billy started the very first podcast for chiropractors—but it was horrible. After a short stint, he ended the podcast. Fast-forward to 2015, he decided to re-launch and rebrand the podcast and start from square one. The goal of the podcast was to help chiropractors think like marketers. During this time, one of his clients asked if he had done Facebook marketing. He ended up running an ad campaign for this particular chiropractor. In the first month of attempting FB ads, his chiropractor got 50+ leads and was making a fortune. Today, ChiroCandy manages over 180 accounts that they’ve built over the past 5 years.

What sets ChiroCandy apart from the crowd

Billy is well aware that what they charge for managing marketing campaigns is a steal. They charge $1,500 to get everything set up, $595 a month for maintaining ads on Facebook and Instagram, plus ad spend. Managing Google PPC costs an additional $250 per month. ChiroCandy also has a referral program—if a customer consistently has 3 active referrals they do their Facebook ads for FREE.

Billy believes their price point is what helped them get through the Coronavirus crisis relatively unscathed. $595 a month is a manageable monthly cost for a business, even when their business is operating at half-capacity.

ChiroCandy hires employees locally—and Billy has met most of them through his local church. When he first hired staff they were paid a salary. As the company evolved he switched to paying them $100 for each account they manage monthly. They can work from home, make their own schedule, and take on as many clients as they want.

To learn how Billy onboards clients and about the training that he implements (and how he incentivizes them to complete it) keep listening!

The importance of the five Ps

How does Billy keep clients coming in on a consistent monthly basis? While some of it is word-of-mouth, Billy teaches the 5 Ps:

  1. Problem: Figure out what problem you will solve with your business. Will you offer SEO? Lead gen? Web Design? You want to make money? Solve expensive problems for rich people.
  2. Product: What are you going to do? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google?
  3. Plan: Plan how you will execute. How do you get your first client?
  4. Proof: Track results for your clients (i.e. 50 leads in the first month, testimonials, etc.)
  5. Promote: Scale your business by promoting your problem, product, plan, and proof.

When you validate that you can generate a result and have a client that sings your praises, it’s far easier to promote your business. You’ve proven the concept to yourself as well. You see your success, reach benchmarks, and start spending money on ads. If you don’t have the money to spend on ads, reach out to influencers in the industry and offer to do your service for free. If it works well, just ask them to refer people to you. The bottom line? Key influencers singing your praises changes everything.

To hear more about Billy’s average ad spend, where their referrals come from, and about the ChiroCandy podcast—keep listening!

How ChiroCandy markets for maximum referrals

Billy notes that about 5% of clients come from listening to the podcast. But most of his clients come from Facebook. A majority of their calls scheduled are from retargeting ads. They do some content-based ads but have started leaning more towards a straight-up offer. People are so used to paying $1,500 versus $595 that when they see that price, they take notice.

A fun fact that Billy shares is that Facebook’s algorithm knows what’s on a photo. If it’s a photo taken outside with people smiling in it, they will show it more—regardless of whether or not it matches the ad. They also do tons of testimonials. If someone says you’re doing a great job, ask them for a Google review or quick video testimonial. People can find them difficult, but you need to make it a priority. It builds your credibility more than anything else.

Their ads typically take prospects to a ClickFunnels page with a Jotform embedded. If the chiropractors answer the questions and aren’t necessarily a good fit for their business, they direct them to their newly created ads course. Chiropractors can learn the basics of ads for a one-time payment of $997. It’s a tactic that’s a win-win for everyone!

What else do they do? And how did they get a 2 Comma Club award? Listen to find out!

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This is the seven figure agency podcast, discover the strategies and techniques to grow a highly successful and profitable digital marketing agency with your host, Josh Nelson,

everybody. Thank you for joining me on this episode of the seven figure agency podcast. This is part of our agency Success Series where we’re interviewing highly successful digital marketing agencies from across the country. Really, how they’re growing, how they’re scaling, how they’re landing clients and delivering results. And I came across Billy sticker, you know, in our Facebook group was just crushing it in the chiropractic space, getting lots of really, really powerful results. So I wanted to reach out to him and say, Hey, would you be willing to come on and share and he said, Yes. So, Billy, thank you so much for joining us today.

Josh, thanks for having me on. Looking forward to it. I’ve been following you for a while and the content but I love what you’re doing. You know giving True Value helping people that are wanting to Help others. And so I appreciate you having me on and appreciate all you do for the profession.

Thank you. I appreciate that. So I guess before we get started, just kind of introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about your agency who you serve and kind of the lay of the land.

Sure. So

I’ll kind of give you the Reader’s Digest version because I’m great at making a short story long. But the My background is really sales and marketing. in ministry, we were involved and we were in youth ministry for about 13 years. But in this part of Texas, there are several coin companies, precious metals, we sold silver, gold, platinum, some coin, like the very first gold coin ever in the United States was issued in 1795. I’ve sold a couple of those, which is really neat, neat things. So I was in this profession was doing really well. It just wasn’t happy. It was a chiropractor who had multiple offices in our Location are in our area. And he was looking for somebody to come to the marketing. Well, I have no college, my wife and I’ve been married going on 25 years. She is a nurse. But when we got married, I just went to work and started self education, I guess you would say, there’s four bookcases on this wall that you can’t see those three, and then two more here, and two more in our bedroom. So I’ve always been in the mindset, if there’s something you want to learn, somebody has written about it. You know, go buy those books. And so I just, whenever I’ve found this contractor that was looking for somebody to handle the marketing, I knew I could do this. So I typed up my resume, and I put together an 11 page marketing plan. There was just all kinds of different marketing tips and strategies. And I gave him my resume with this marketing plan. And he interviewed me three different times. And he said, I think he interviewed eight to 10 people. But he kept coming back to me. He’s like, Look, you’re the only one that doesn’t have a college degree. But this is really good. He goes, I could use this marketing plan and implement this stuff and grow my practice without you. What can I do if you were here? So I that was kind of really my first. I mean, I’ve been to a chiropractor before my dad and a good friend was a chiropractor, but I really didn’t know what it was until I started, you know, in the profession, and really fell in love with what it what it means and not to be super spiritual. But, you know, a lot of people think chiropractic is neck pain and back pain, it’s so much more, there’s more chiropractors, they tend to live a more health and wellness lifestyle than most medical doctors. They it’s it is about that lifestyle, and it lined up with what I believe is a believer that God created our bodies. To heal, and I just, I fell in love with a profession. So I did that for a couple of years. The issue was, is I just wasn’t making as much money as I did in the precious metals business, but still I fell in love with the profession. And then that opened the door for me to start doing some consulting back in 2008. And that’s about whenever this was 2007 2008 I actually started the very first podcast for chiropractors. It was called chiropractic marketing University. Hmm, only did six to 10 episodes. I it was horrible. Anyway, I stopped it back then I wish I would have stuck with it. But Fast Forward 20 1514 I decided to just do a relaunch rebrand the podcast and just kind of start start over. already had a lot of you know, connections in the public. And we just rebranded it from chiropractic marketing university to just Cairo Ghandi. And it really started is just a podcast interviewed. The the ideal was his Look, I’m not a healthcare professional, but I think like a marketer, and I want to help chiropractors market I want to help them think like that. And that was I just wanted to create value. One thing we did also is we helped chiropractors write books. That’s another story. But so we were kind of doing that. And then one of the clients that we did a book for, said, Hey, have you ever done Facebook and I had but never for, you know, a chiropractor.

And he said, I was trying it. ads kept getting disapproved, they shut down my ads account. I just didn’t know if he’d ever done any of that before. So you know what, let’s give it a shot. And so the first month, he had, you know, 50 something leads and his case fees were around three to $6,000. So 50 leads If only you know, 30% come in. He’s still making, you know, a fortune. And then he started referring people to us. And right now, we are just over 180 accounts on how many we have. So, but that’s been over the past, you know, five years, we’ve kind of grown to that. Anyway, I can just keep on talking, but I’m gonna stop and let you ask. No, that’s

fantastic. So about 180 accounts. What does that amount to monthly recurring wise if you can share right now? Well, this is one of the things that we we do different.

Now, when I started,

I didn’t take a course on how to start an agency. I just knew the profession. I knew chiropractors. I knew what would you what I felt was totally fair. Because a lot of times whenever you have campaigns set up Not a whole lot of work you have to do. So we do our fees are 1500 dollars set up. After that we only charge 595 a month. Okay, though we are a fraction of what everybody else is charging. But it it’s it works. You know, we’ve got a lot of classmates a long time. We still do have some attrition. And and I think one of the, one of the issues is so many people have taken courses on you know, Facebook, if that’s what we focus on Facebook, and we also do Google pay per clicks. But it there’s so many people that have taken a course and they decided, you know, now they know how to do Facebook, they’re going after chiropractors. It’s I think that’s one of the reasons we see. You know, some of the ones that can’t talk because they’re getting bombarded all the time with you know, Let me do your ads, let me do your ads. Fortunately, a lot of the clients we get every month are people who used to be with us, left with rails, and then now they’re coming back. So we see an awful lot of that, which there’s a lot of principle, you know, there’s a teaching moment and that whenever somebody does quit, make sure you are extremely professional, that it makes it easy for them to come back.

Absolutely. Never leave. It’s a great it’s a great point.

Right? If you were like, Well, you know what, you just weren’t doing this, this, this and this. Now, there’s some times that’s the case. You know, look, you can’t say we were not working whenever you you were totally non compliant. You didn’t do anything. But you still just you know what, look, we appreciate your business. We’re always here in the future. If you need anything at all reach out to us. It makes it easier for them to come back. So Absolutely.

Okay. So we’re completely focused on chiropractic, the VA agencies all Cairo candy 180 plus clients on retainer based service predominantly running ads to generate leads and new patients into the practice. Sounds like you’ve landed on the niche was it for an actual job at this chiropractic office where you were marketing director, and that’s that 10 page plan. And that’s how this whole niche kind of materialized for you.

Well, back then, Facebook was really more for just colleges, you know, college students. Yeah, it wasn’t what it what it is today. That really introduced me to the profession and what it really meant there’s I don’t know of another profession that’s packed in it about their message. You know, maybe ministers, chiropractors and multi level marketing people write a message they’re trying to share right And I just really, really fell in love with the profession. So that really got me in the door. And that actually builds a lot of credibility with our company. Whenever people, which I like to get into this here in a minute, our process from attracting clients from scheduling calls, what that looks like. But whenever they hear that, I’m not just somebody who took a course and decided to talk to chiropractors, that, you know, for 12 years now, 13 years, we’ve been involved in the profession, I travel and speak it. I’ve spoken to a lot of different colleges. I’ve been to London to speak to chiropractors to Paris. All over, we really have done a good job getting known in the profession. So

that’s great. That’s great. So I guess before we talk about how you land and how you deliver for your clients, can you talk a little bit about like, what it is like what the package I guess you did a little bit so it’s a set of And then a monthly fee to manage ads and generate new patient inquiries online.

Pretty much Yes. So we do 1500 dollar setup, and then 595 a month. That’s just for Facebook and Instagram, if they want to do Google also, it’s an additional 250. Something else we do, that I actually stole from a network marketing company, was if they, okay if I have a client, and they refer three other clients, as long as those three clients are active, then they get their Facebook done for free every month for ever, as long as they have at least three active referrals. We were a little bit hesitant, you know, we thought it might be a good idea and we tried it and believe it or not, and of all of our clients We may have three to get their stuff done for free. It may be more than that my admin can tell me better. There’s not a whole lot, because what happens is we have you have a couple of accounts that I mean, they’ll refer, you know, eight to 10 people to you. And then you have some that will refer one or two. Yeah. So that is just something else that we offer that not many people do. And it works out well. They still have to pay setup fees, I still do all that. But we’ve actually had it before where somebody is paid to set up the that’s been it. They refer other people to find out

before they even had to pay the first month,

the first month, and you know, and so as long as you’re delivering, they’re happy worlds, so they’re going to go now obviously the 595 does not include adspend. They have to do that. But that’s pretty much in our basic package. Now that’s going to be a couple of campaigns a month. We do have programs, you know, some of our offices, they may be integrated. And they may be doing stem cells or some of these things, and some offices do dinner talks once a week. There’s different ways to set those up, we can do them a little more generic, where leads come in, and then their office, just their staff schedule, you know, for whatever workshop they have come on coming up. We’d like those a little because they’re simpler to set up. But some wanted to be very, very specific per campaign. Like, you know, we’re doing this one is going to be Tuesday, the 13th, you know, at six o’clock, and, you know, whatever restaurant or whatever, hotel, whatever. And if we’re getting real specific on that, that we do charge extra to do more campaigns a month than what we normally do. So,

got it. Great. I mean, it sounds like a great a great program. Of course, you’re tracking and following up and, you know, the value proposition is there, right? They spend their 597 For that, the generating more than enough in revenue to say, Billy, thank you so much. You’re amazing.

Right. And I think also with what happened, you know, during this pointing in the past couple of months, we were a little concerned, we did have some accounts that said, Oh, hey, we just need to put our accounts on hold, which I get, but it wasn’t that many. I think because we are at a lower price point and a lot of people, you know, if you’re spending, you know, 15 to $2,000 a month for an agency, it’s, you’re more likely to say, you know what, right now, we got to stop that. Right. But if it’s just 595 so you know what, that’s let’s keep that going. We need the radar a

little bit.

A little bit. Yeah.

But been great. And we’ve, you know, considered, you know, raising prices, some but it works and actually how we pay our staff You know, when we first started, it was me 40 to 50 accounts, I did everything I wore every hat, did all the sales calls, I did maintenance all the accounts. And you always have some accounts that are more high maintenance, you have some that you just, they’re great. In Fortunately, I learned pretty, pretty quick. I was around the time whenever we started getting homies, and it’s accounts, we would just say, you know what, we’re not a good fit. And we would, you know, refer them out to somebody else. Especially if we’re they’re only paying us, you know, 600 bucks a month. I would rather not deal with somebody high maintenance whenever we can get somebody else. It’s easy, you know, and I do that. But then we started hiring, you know, some staff. And the way we do that we were paying a salary based on roughly how many accounts in order to manage, but our staff, they’re all local. You know, nobody’s outsourced to the Philippines or any Like dead we, it’s really people that we’ve gone to church with or, you know, somebody new somebody, whatever. And we pay them $100 per account they manage. So if you want to mainly it’s 20 accounts, then you’re gonna get two grand a month and you get to work from your house get to make your own schedule. So it’s not a bad deal. If they want more than that, you know, they do more. Something else we just started is now I used to I did all the sales calls. We were going on a mission trip. And my oldest son, he’s actually married and they he and his wife both just graduated college.

And he really helps run a lot of our business.

But I didn’t want to not have any new business that we that we’re going to be gone. So I said, Look, do you want to take some sales costs? All you need to do is find out what’s going on in their price. This, what are their goals? Let them know how we can help we kind of laid out gave him somewhat of a script. And then just left everything the same end of the week, he signed up like five people. Wow. And all of a sudden, I realized, I don’t even have to do sales call.

It’s a lot. That’s a very elliston was talking with someone the other day, it’s one of the most liberating feelings in the world, when you can have someone else take the sales call and the business is happening without you having to do every single sales call.

And it’s been great. So now I can still work on the business instead of working in the business. I don’t mean any accounts. It’s a matter of fact, Brady doesn’t manage any accounts either. He actually manages our staff. So all of our staff are required to have a one on one with Brady every week. They do it via zoom, and they go over all their accounts. What’s working great, well, it’s not in that’s just a requirement. It’s not optional. All our staff have to do that. So you know, that’s been, that’s been great also. But one of the things I learned is we were always on the phone with staff, not our staff, but client staff. And a friend of mine said, Why don’t you just put all that in a training that their staff goes through? It’s like, it’s brilliant, you know? So now we do have that. So whenever somebody comes on, we have a training for their staff, on how to follow up with the leads different scripts to use different things like this, the mindset, you know, because Facebook is not nobody’s going to Facebook looking for a chiropractor, or a landscape company, or that’s what they go to Google for. Hmm. So it’s a different mindset. And really, the the staff needs to know that when they’re following up, just because somebody filled out a lead form doesn’t mean they’re going to show up and that’s okay. We know statistically 30% of Should and so we kind of help them with some mindset stuff, you know, following up very quickly. We want them to, you know, have the mindset Look, if they say no, it’s okay, that’s, that’s one of the seven, that’s gonna say no, go find the three. And because it’s easy for their staff to get a negative mindset if they’re not accustomed to somebody saying no, all of a sudden in their mind on Facebook or Instagram or all Harvard’s leads in one of our garbage, and so they don’t, they just don’t treat any of them that way. And you can’t have that you have to have a level of expectancy, knowing that they didn’t accidentally click on the ad and accidentally type in their name and phone number and email and all that. So we have some training for that. And we also have some training for for the doctors on some things that we asked them to do. We try to make it very simple. So we have that that was a major Growth point for us, whenever we implemented that, we realized

that every client gets access to and their staff has access to these modules that train them on it. These are the types of leads you’re gonna get. This is how you need to think about these leads. And these are some scripts, you can fall out of trying to book as many of these as possible. Right, and you find that they get it. It’s like, okay, now I understand how to deal with this better than if you just send them the leads, you know, pretty soon they’re like, obviously, you’re no good.

Right? And so something else that we realized is we use teachable. So it’s great, because it shows you did they actually go through the training? We say, look, you didn’t even go through the training. So we realize when people would cancel the majority of people that would cancel. They do it within the first couple of months. And most of them never went through the training. They didn’t do any of the few other things that we asked. So what I started doing We got this idea from Russell Brunson. They realize the same thing with Click Funnels, the people that were canceling, never went through their onboarding, never really learned how to use it. So he would send out a free shirt once you completed just a little onboarding process. So we did something very similar. I designed a shirt. I thought I may have one sitting in here, but it just says Who’s your chiropractor. And this is Carol KEANEY real small, the back. It cost us, you know, eight to 10 bucks for the certs. So now as soon as they go through the training, the doctors get a shirt and their staff gets a shirt

on it.

We will spend 20 bucks if that means we’re going to keep a client much longer. It’s a no brainer.

It’s social proof. If you can get them in this year, you know all of that, right?

That’s right. That’s right. So you know that was something was real big for us. Something else whenever I was doing all the sales calls in the semi you’re you know The listeners can probably relate to this. Some of them I know, they’re thinking, I would love to get one sales call I need, how do I get sales calls, and we can talk about that in a minute. But one of the things is there were certain days where I may have seven or eight calls in a day. And after your third one, you just kind of run together. You kind of forget that I already use this example, that I do this and it was just so much the same friend that gave me the idea about you know, putting the training together for you know, for their staff, said, Why don’t you just have a pre call video, where that’s your sales pitch. They schedule a call. they’re required to watch a short video. It’s the sales pitch. This is why you do what you do. This is what makes you different. We don’t we don’t go over any pricing. I don’t think on that. But it’s just who we are. You know why we’re different. So on and so forth. And then by the time they get on the phone, you’re just answering a couple of questions and getting their credit card information. And so that was that was a big change if we still use that video. So now, our we have a couple of so we have two designated salespeople to take sales calls. Every once in a while somebody will request I need to speak to Billy and so I may do a sales call. I did one last week, for example. But normally, it’s something else we did for our staff, though, is if you’re managing, you know, these 20 or 30 accounts, and one of those your account sends in a referral, you get the option to take that sales call. Mm hmm. So not only do you if they sign up, which is a great chance they are if they’re a referral from somebody that you’re already working with. And the way you look at it is they’re referring somebody because you’re doing a good job. So if you take the sales call, we get they get a $300 commission whenever they sign up, and they get an additional hundred dollars a month. So it grows their income as well. So those are some of the different things. I feel like we’re kind of all over the place. But those are some of the things that in the process of how we run our agency, it’s just been great for us. It keeps our you know, the staffs happy. They have more opportunity. So it’s working well. tremendous, tremendous insights,

guys, and if you’re getting value, be sure to hit the like button or say, hey, thanks, Billy. This is great. I love the agile team like structure that you have, right? You don’t just pay people salaries, you kind of have it structured out by what they they get paid based on the amount of counts that they handle. And that gives you almost unlimited scalability. And it’s because of the one on one calls. You can kind of monitor the quality, right? The one on one calls with your right your scientists Your son right Brady?

Right? Yes, yeah, I’m, I’m 45 He’s 22.

And whenever we first started, he was getting ready to move off to college. He actually went to Bible school for a couple of years in Dallas, and then finished his degree at Dallas Baptist University. But we were trying to get him like when he was a senior in high school. My wife was like, Look, you should, you know, work in the business do some of this stuff. When you’re 18 you’ve got the world figured out right? And he was, you know, that was five hours from where we live now. And he would come in on the weekends and it was during Christmas one year. Actually, I had gone and spoken at an event and had like 15 new accounts like in one weekend sign up in ours kind of in the weeds trying to get everything set up. And I said, Look, I will pay you X amount of dollars to help set up these accounts in Bali. He’s like, done. I’ll be right there. And so he started, you know, getting in the business. And I think when it comes to staff in I’m sure, Josh, you can relate to this. You have some team members that are great at following instructions. You tell them the steps to do, they are going to do those steps. And then you have the ones who they understand the steps. And they understand why you’re doing those steps. If you’re doing these steps to get to this result, what if there’s a few different steps that might make that result? Bigger or easier or whatever? And that’s really how Brady thought we have a few staff like that now. They just see the bigger picture. And it wasn’t long to I realized he’s really good at this. He gets it and he’s, he’s better than I am but a lot of this stuff now which I am totally okay with. It’s the Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. There was a conference I went to one time. And

it was all about being a CEO.

It was pretty much for chiropractors. But there was some some of us in there that were just involved in the profession that weren’t doctors. But one of the, one of the exercises we went through is there’s three different things we had to write down the first thing, he said, I want you to write down things that you do, that you hate doing. But you feel like Nobody does it better. Just write those down. Now, I want you to write down things that you do, because you’re good at but you don’t necessarily love doing it. It just needs to be done. So you do it. Then I want you to write down the things that you do that you’d love doing. You would never delegate because it just lights your fire doing these things. He said So from now on, here’s what we’re going to do. You are never going to do What you don’t like doing your he called that red, yellow and then green, you’re never going to do the red. And I’ll never gonna be the yellow. Your delegate that. And you know what, if they’re doing it 80% compared to your hundred percent, that’s okay. They’re never going to grow. So you have to be okay with that. But when you can start delegating and giving loosen up the reins, giving them some control, that’s when you can actually work less you focus on the green, you work less and you can make more. And something else he said is when you when you’re doing the stuff you don’t like doing. It stops momentum in your business. When you’re doing the yellow the stuff that just needs to be done. It slows down things but when you’re focused on your core competency, which you love doing that fuels momentum, and if you can focus on just those things and let other people do the rest. That’s when you can really grow. And that is, whenever we saw a lot of growth, one of the issues we would have, as we would grow is that I have no issue spending money on ads. So we have referrals coming in. You know, I do go and speak and we still have a podcast or people come in that way. But I don’t want our spend six to 10 grand a month on ads. It’s fine. I know we were going to see a return in that. So one of the things that would happen is we used to pay our staff a salary. But if let’s say that we’re paying people based on they’re willing to manage about 20 accounts. Well, we do still lose some accounts every month, maybe seven to 10 a month, we lose. Yep, fortunately, we gained 20 or more Normally, but what was happening is, that means we’re having to hire somebody new every couple of months. If they’re only going to manage 20, every couple of months, I’m having to hire somebody new. Well, what had happened is we turned around, we have all these staff that we’re paying to manage, let’s just say 20 accounts. But because of people canceling, they’re all averaging 15 to 16. When our payroll is inflated, and we’re hiring more people, and that’s sort of we made that change, like, okay, we’re not doing that. And he really just didn’t say anything. So

I thought, I mean, everything you shared there was was tremendous, tremendous insights. I think we were talking about there’s finding people that play and what you have to work at, so that you can do the things that you really enjoy that you’re passionate about. And that frees you up to put talented people in place to really get some momentum going. So a question that everybody wants to know and it’s coming up Comments. So 20 clients this month on average 20 clients per month? What’s the next look like? How do you get that many clients coming in on a consistent basis?

It’s a great question. And

I do want to say some of it, I think is just favor. We we have been around long enough. A lot of people, they do know who we are.


even if, I mean, I see these people that are going after chiropractors, for example, I wouldn’t recommend it. Like right now, if you’re starting off, I just think there other niches that aren’t as crowded.

It’s definitely not a not a blue ocean right now.

It’s it’s not and it’s not that I’m worried. I mean, we we still, we still do great, right? We’re, I think, you know, right now 120 230 revenue a month.

So we were doing fun.

But if you’re starting off right now, I just think there’s other areas. We have something that I teach, and this is called the the five P’s. And I was talking to somebody last night at church about this. He’s wanting to start his own business, not necessarily an agency, he’s just wanting to start his own business. I think the first thing you have to do is what figure out what problem you’re gonna solve. Mm hmm. If you want to make money, solve expensive problems for rich people. That’s, that’s great in that can go as deep as, think about everything that you pay for, you know, a lawn company. They’re solving a problem. You don’t want to mow, right, a poor company. We have somebody that cleans our house. When you go to a restaurant, you know, some of it is kind of for entertainment, but you don’t want to cook right? These are people that are solving problems. And then, you know, you can grow from there but In an agency, you know, are you going to work on SEO? Is it going to be a lead generation? Is it going to be you know, web design, whatever it is, just decide what problem it is that you’re, you know, that you want to solve? And for who? And who is it you want to solve these problems for? And then that’s going to lead to the second p, which is the product, right? That’s what it is you’re actually going to do? Is it going to be Facebook and Instagram or YouTube or Google or web SEO, text messaging, whatever it is? Just find out, you know, figure out the problem, what product you’re going to use to do that, and then you have to come up with a plan. The plan is, how exactly what does that look like? How do you get your first client and the first client so you have the problem, the product, the plan? But you have to have proof. So once you kind of know you have an idea, well, I’m going to do Facebook ads for chiropractors, you know, that’s the plan. Well, now we need proof, right? And that’s what we did. We had Dr. Arun gum was his name, we wrote a book for him. He wants to do some Facebook ads. So now we need to proof 50 leads the first month. And all of a sudden, we have that testimonial, and we didn’t charge him anything. Maybe he’d already paid us to do the book for him. But he didn’t charge us to do Facebook, we did that or we didn’t charge him for that. We did it for free. And it was unbelievably worth it because he was an influencer and started referring people to us. And so that’s the proof. Once you have the proof, then your last, you know, your fifth thing is the promotion. And the promotion can be a couple of things. Promotion can just be scaling, but it’s also having people in your business. That you can promote with the business. So if we can, we can spend a lot of time on those five P’s,

right down to the five PS, I love it.

But once you know what it is, and let’s say if you’re just starting off, you may try something. You know, we actually used to do websites for people to, I didn’t like it. I just didn’t enjoy it. And we still at least weekly has somebody say, hey, do you guys do websites? There’s a company that’s pretty well known in the profession. We just refer people to the end. It wasn’t our core competency. I’m just not going to build a business around something, you know that. That I don’t enjoy doing. Now, a little bit of a sidetrack. We used to use. We do Facebook ads. We used Active Campaign and Click Funnels and we still do some of that. But we’ve recently switched over to high level. So good. It’s phenomenal. It’s just really been a game changer. And it has been a little bit of a transition because our whole team is having to go through, you know, this process. So we started using high level. And Brady actually is the one that discovered it. And he tried it out on just a handful of accounts and realized, okay, this is really good. And then it has been a process that’s moving everybody over. Because sometimes if it’s not broke, why fix it? fix it? Yeah, it’s tough to do that. So you’re like, how do we really want to switch this? But it has been, it has been really nice, you know, being able to they just done a great job developing their software. Anyway, wasn’t saying so you have to figure out what it is like, you may start off doing websites and realize you don’t like it. You may start doing SEO but you You just need some success, you need validate, validate that you can actually generate a result and prove the concept. And when you got that proof, and you’ve got a client that will sing your praises, the promotion becomes so much easier to go out and say, here’s what we do for this space. And here’s the validation that we know we’re doing. Absolutely, and what it does for you. Right, it’s also going to help you, you know, get new business, but it does make you feel good, because, you know, you had this plan, and it worked. Right, you’re proving it to yourself, too. And it’s, it’s great. I remember, you know, we used to just charge $500 a month and the goal was, you know, can you imagine whenever we have somebody like every day, we have at least one client being charged. That’s gonna be great.

Yeah. 500 that’s

big money, right? Yeah, like Oh my goodness. In you know, now we’re averaging around four to 5000 a day. And I don’t think we have any days that somebody is not being charged. But you start seeing the success and then it’s you start having these benchmarks like wait till I get five clocks and then wait till I get this and wait till I get that. But if you know once you have your proof it’s gonna be hard. But spend money on some ads. If you don’t have the way to go out and get these referrals organically just spend some money on on ads. We look at things the way we’re looking at numbers. We’re okay spending up to $200 just for someone to schedule a call with us. Because we know 70% of the people we talked to, will sign up within the next 90 days. Those are our numbers. Now, since the beginning of the year, even before COVID, a lot of times in New Year, we always see a bunch of growth during the beginning of the year. Those are cost per leads cost per call scheduled, is averaging around 50 bucks. It’s, it just dropped. So we’re okay. Now we’ll just, you know, keep spending the same amount actually, though, right?

If we go up to 200, you might as well crank it, right,

right. But, you know, even if you’re doing let’s say, $50 a day, or you’re doing $100 a day at first, you’re like, ah, when you’re starting off and you don’t have those resources, but let’s say that you get, you have $1,000 that you can spend in ads, you borrow it, okay, and you get enough call scheduled. And you need one of them. One person to sign up and pay, you know, a setup fee. And now you’re back even to recoup expense recoupable. But when you can start looking at those numbers, and it is tough to start, but yet, you know, that would be one, one thing you can do, it’s like, you know what, just spend money. Yeah, if you don’t have the money to spend, what I would do is similar to, you know, everybody talks about the dream 100. You know, write down who were some people in that industry, that have that are influencers, reach out to those people and offer to do whatever service it is you’re going to provide for free for some of the influencers. And just said, Look, I love what you’re doing for the profession. This is one of the things we do, would you Is there any way I can, you know, do the service for you for free. You don’t have to do it forever. You can either do it for a couple of weeks or do it for a month. But let them know, look, I want to do this for you. If it’s working well Well, we just hope that you refer people to us, you know, that can do it. Because if you can get a couple of key influencers that are singing your praises, and it changes everything, and then people will start seeing you with the same authority that they see them with, if they’re the ones recommending you, you know, so that would be one of those two ways would be what I would recommend it first another way would be, what businesses are you already doing business with?

That sphere of influence and reach out to Hey, look, you know, let’s do something like I’ve got a concept or an idea. Let me prove it with you. Right, let me do this for you absolutely. Don’t do that. It works. And now you’ve got the basis to go out and tell people Hey, look, I can help. Here’s what I did for this guy,

or this gal. Right?

powerful. So there’s a couple questions in here. I want to make sure we get to so there are a couple people are asking what’s the average spend for one of your clients. In addition to your management, what do you recommend they spend on ads

We recommend 25 to $30 a day minimum. Okay, one of the things we’re real big about is building retargeting audiences. In the chiropractic niche, they are so passionate about their message. We’d like these dogs to do short videos, and we have, like, 57 sample videos from our clients that we show them, you know, hey, here’s tons of different ideas. And so we want some of that budget to go towards content in their community. Because then Facebook lets us take, you know, anybody that watches 25 to 50%, you start building a retargeting audience. So that that’s kind of what we recommend. We have some offices that spend 10 to $12,000 a month in ADS. Hmm. So a lot of these are not regular chiropractic offices. There are some integrated offices and they’re doing stem cells, you know, with their tasties are six grand. They’ll spend you know money As long as it’s working, we’ve never started someone off at ha, we typically start off, you know, 30 bucks, sometimes they want to go up to 50 a day. And then we’ll, you know, scale it up from there.

Got that? That makes a lot of sense. I’m sure that’s, that’s super helpful. Um, I was asking if they handled 20 accounts at $100 a piece that’s $2,000 a month are mostly people part time, and this is something that they do on the side. Is that enough money to kind of?

Yeah, some do more. Right. Like, we have some that, you know, they may manage 20 accounts, but they’re also, you know, doing sales calls, and they’re averaging 10 accounts a month. You know, what, we pay a $300 Commission, because we do, basically we do a 1500 dollar setup, and we pay 20% of that in commission. Mm hmm. So, if they’re managing 20 accounts, that’s two grand and then they sell you know, they have like, one guy’s actually He pastors a church. And it’s great that it’s additional supplemental income to what is true. true calling is right. He, he manages about, I think, 10 to 15 accounts. That’s all he wants, he doesn’t want any more. And then he does sales calls. Hmm, it’s perfect for him. But you know, we have some staff, they just don’t want anymore. And that’s one of the things here recently, we ask like, okay, who, right now who can handle more accounts. And we try to keep them on somewhat of a rotation. Some people, that’s all they want, some people want to handle, you know, four accounts. And because we do Google pay per click, we pay a little bit different for that. And we have certain people that manage those accounts. So if you’re a client, you may have Holly doing your Facebook and Travis is managing your, your Google, you know, makes sense. And they’re working together, right? Instead of having to teach all of our staff How to do both. We just have a couple that know how to do Google. Because most of our our income is from Facebook and Instagram. So,

yeah, good, good, good insights there. So if we looked at your kind of your positioning in the marketplace and where the clients come from, you’ve got this podcast you’ve been doing for quite some time you do speaking in the industry sounds like you’re involved in the association, you’ve got a name for yourself and a database of prospects. And then you’re running Facebook ads to generate like new prospects on a consistent basis. What would you say? like where are the clients coming from? For the most part across that spectrum?

I would say

some referrals. I would say a small percentage is from the podcast. We normally get a few, probably at least five calls a month from the podcast. It’s not a whole lot, but it’s still it’s some calls are coming in.

Is that just marketing centric, or is it just talking about Okay, cool. chiropractic practice pretty much

Yes. And you know, successful chiropractors, sometimes it’s just solo stuff with me. And then sometimes I’m interviewing other chiropractors, other, you know, people that do coaching in the profession. We interviewed somebody who she’s a CPA, and she’s doing a lot of the PPP SBA stuff that’s going on right now. We interviewed her, she specializes in, they just work with chiropractors. So we had her on, you know, the other day, had somebody else on that they help buy people buy and sell chiropractic offices. You know, so you may do stuff like that. It’s great because may not be marketing, but it was helping people okay, if I do eventually want to sell my practice, these are the things I need to be considering. Now. If I want to buy a practice, these are the things I need to be looking at. So but normally, it could be More business marketing growth. syndrich.

Got it. And so then you’ve got the referrals that are coming in

happy clients. And yeah, we probably, I would say, as far as calls go, I really shouldn’t have a better breakdown. I just haven’t checked the numbers in the past couple of months. But we normally have, you know, five to 10 a month that sign up that are referrals. Wow. Well, yeah, somewhere through there. And then the rest come just from Facebook. Now we do a lot of retargeting. Looking at our our ads. The majority of the calls are scheduled or from our retargeting ads, not just from

you know from cold cold. They’re not brand cold people that you said, right, let’s target chiropractors and run these ads like you’ve developed that warm list over the years and kind of run down the funnel. On the on the referral sites, I think that’s a function of providing a world class service that’s affordable, that has a tangible, measurable return on investment. And then you’ve incentivize them, like you said, where for every three referrals, you might get, you know, free service, monthly service. Do you find it they’re more incentivized by that? Or just because they like the the results are getting, and they want to have a good a good reference for their friends.

As far as why people refer?

I don’t know. I think it may be because it is a smaller amount. They’re like, I’m not even that much worried about that. It’s working for me. They’re asking what’s, you know, what’s working, but you do have some that are like, hey, how many counts? You know, how many referrals do I have? Okay, I’ve got a couple more, you know, that I’m working on some of them might not

be the only reason but there’s a little bit of, Hey, this is gonna help me too. Right.

Right. I think that is some of it. You know, we’ve had some that, for example, their budget, let’s say they’re doing $1,000 a month on adspend. And it’s Soon as they get their three referrals, will they want to spend the same? They just add that to this ad spend? Yeah.

So very, very cool stuff. And then on the on the Facebook ads, what’s the angle? are you leading with a case study of some sort? Or are you leading with content? Like, just video based content? What’s usually the angle to pull someone off Facebook and into a strategy session?

Okay, so not for our clients,

but for you for Canada. Yeah,

we do a little bit of both. We do have some that that are more content that we use to do a lot more content that will lead people to a strategy session. I think because so much of it is retargeting Now, a lot of it is just a cold, you know, cold. Well, I want to say cold. It’s just an offer. Right? Whenever we can say hey, you know, we’re doing Facebook and you know, we’ll do your Facebook and Instagram for five days. People are so used to paying 1500 they’re like, hang on now, what? You know. And so we have we checked, we tested different, you know, scripts Do we have some that are long, long ad copy, short ad copy what’s working better? We have tons of different images. You know, it’s, that’s one of the things sometimes people come in, you know, we have pictures of us in Paris or, you know, Hawaii or whatever, just all vacation and people will come in, you know, what does this have to do with chiropractic? Nothing. But Facebook knows, like if it’s addressed, right, if, yeah, and you guys may know this, but Facebook’s algorithm like their, their software knows what’s on a picture or they have a general idea. And if it’s a picture taken outside, with people in it, especially, you know, a couple people smiling they consider that That’s a happy, positive image in a show it more. And so those in so we started testing it. And those work really well that works well. We also get, we try to do tons of testimonials. When you start getting success anytime someone says, Man, Hey, you guys are doing a great job, that is the perfect time to ask them for either a Google review or you know to write or to the writer review or to do a quick video testimonial for you. video testimonials can be difficult for people to do, they just sometimes are embarrassed or whatever. But you need to make that a priority. So whenever people go to our website, when clients do to schedule a call, we have what we call our we call it the perfect patient tribe turbine. It’s just In our process, that that we use to get leads for chiropractors. And I have a real quick short video that goes over that. So they, they go to the website, they watch this video. Underneath that. It’s like 30 testimonial videos,

I was looking on the slide earlier just scrolls and scrolls and scrolls

in there in the people aren’t gonna watch all of them, but there’s a good chance they may know, you know, I went to chiropractic college with him or, you know, I used to coach with this guy or whatever. But the more of that you can do, it just builds credibility. So you want to get those, you know, as many testimonials as you can. So basically the way our process works is, whether it’s an ad referral, whatever, they go to the same landing page, with the exception, like our staff, each have their own path. So for example, chiropractic, or Cairo candy marketing comm forward slash, Rene, that’s what’s her clients, her accounts seeing referrals there, because then they schedule a call with her. You know, or Travis or you know, whoever Our staff is it seemed like that. But normally it’s just Cairo Gainey marketing calm. And so anybody can go there and just kind of see what we have set up. With a go there. They click a button and it takes them to a jot form, which actually takes them to a clickfunnels page that has the jot form embedded, that they just answer a few questions about their practice. You know, how long have they been in practice? We know we’re not a good fit for everybody. And that’s another powerful place to be. When you’re first starting off, you just want people to pay you. But there comes a time when you’re like, even if you want to pay me Please don’t. Because we’re not your answer. We had somebody that was a referral the other day. This has been probably six or nine months ago. And I actually talked to them. They’re seeing 50 patients a week, between two separate offices. Well, the average chiropractor is going to be seeing around 150 a week. There’s I just knew we weren’t a good fit for this guy. This is

going to be a good thing.

Not enough. Yeah. And so we do see that from time to time, whether they’re a brand new practice, or maybe they sold a practice and moved to a new location. And we’re just we just know we’re not going to be a good fit. We actually just released in April, a course. And we use the old name of the podcast, chiropractic marketing University, but it’s a course that shows basically everything we do. It’s like, we’ve already decided new staff, that we’re going to go through this course to learn how to set up the ads and we have 27 done for you Copy and Paste ads, you know that they can use. But it sells on our website for 1995 or three payments of 675. I think it is something like that. But what we did is we’re taking that where people schedule a call with this. And if we know they’re just not a good fit, whether they don’t really have this instead,

right and learn how to do it on your own

right. And then what we do is we tell them, we sell it for 997 instead of the 19. So we tell them, Look, you know what, we’re website, it’s two grand, but I’m going to take your card over the phone, I can get it for you for half price. In the end, once you get up and going, you increase your volume, we will actually use give you a credit for what you spent on the course toward your setup fee. I like that. Yeah, and so that’s that’s working well too. And let me show you this. We just wrote a new book. Love it. And we’re going to be promoting this to the profession. That’s going to be the same thing. We’re just using it. We just just like you do with your book, right? You just, it’s lead generation to get in front of more people to eventually become clients, whether that’s through the course or, you know,

positioning for speaking opportunities, great giveaway at the at those speaking events when you speak. Tremendous positioning.

Yep. Yeah. And we’ve which I said while ago, one of the other things we do is we help chiropractors write books. So I’ve read a few other books. This is something that I don’t know, it’s just, if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, just do it. You know, it doesn’t need to be a priority. Go get clients. Yeah. But once you have clients, it’s too easy now to write a book. use Amazon or Kindle Direct Publishing to get it printed. I think this one is 240 a book to print or 250 books

are so cheap that it’s it’s almost cheaper than a brochure.

Absolutely Yeah.

But it’s just gonna help set you apart, you know from from your competition. So I think I think

the book is one of the most powerful marketing assets that you can have right social proof, right book being up on the front of the stage all extremely powerful marketing assets. This has been great man, thank you so much for sharing kinda like your, your landing these clients how you positioned yourself and what you do for your clients. There’s a question here. Um, Ricardo wants to know if the if the two comma clubs are for Cairo candy or for some other business that you run?

No, it’s actually both different things we’ve done. Yeah, we kind of changed it up. We had one funnel, and then we changed it up and we added some new stuff to it. And so that’s both for, for Cairo candy. That’s awesome, man. Congratulate

And then I know we’re going to do I will get a new two comma club award another one from one this

is from the book. You’re going to do a free plus shipping funnel on this.

Yes. And then straight into appointments. Yes, we actually Well, yeah, we the way we have it set up right now is free plus shipping. Then we have a torrent well you know what I’ve done to cheap hang on here. We are undoing like Russell did. I don’t have Did you ever see Russell talk about whenever they were launching clickfunnels they sent those packages out and he had the video card. Remember that where you opened up the card, and there was a video, I ordered some from China. They’re all designed with our book. But because we do know a lot of influencers. We’re getting ready to send them packages. We’re going to give them a copy of the book and then We have a bunch of upsells. I’ll just show you on there. I just had these printed, they’re still wrapped in plastic. But basically, there’s a it’s a free plus shipping offer. The first bump, this is the order bump $27 for the audio book, yeah. Then we have a pixel. It’s called pixel perfect. It’s a $97. Course add on, that’s, you know, how to make sure the pixel set up what you need to do to get it set up, so on and so forth. And then we have one called viral videos. This is actually part of the training we’ve already done for our existing clients, showing them how to create content, some sample videos. You know what you need to say in your videos, all this stuff to build authority in your community. And then we have our or CMU course, for 997 on there.

This page only instead of two grand, get it for 997.

Right in the way our positioning on that is, look, we’ve managed over $4 million in paid ads for chiropractors, we know what works, this is actually gonna give you 27 done for you copy and paste ads that you can do. So we kind of positioned it like that. And it’s almost like they’re giving me the ads, they’re gonna show me how to set them up. This is a no brainer. So we

we wanted to test the funnel

a little bit before we started getting affiliates because I want to be able to show them. This is our average cart value. We’re paying out a 40% Commission. So I turned the ads on the other day. And the first person who go through it, bought the 140s No, he bought the upsell the audio book, and then the 997 course was like $1,000 but he actually messaged me and said, hey, there’s a couple of glitches in the funnel. Insert as soon as we like the added benefit for a couple of hours, we immediately shut it off. And we’re going through to make sure the funnel is working properly. Ryan is is the first person that went to the funnel and got the book. The whole track all the way up

here the Yeah, did the thousand dollar upsell, so that’s a good time.

That’s a great indication. Yep. And you’ll probably wind up and the beauty the beautiful thing is that pays for all your advertising. And then the lion’s share of those folks are going to wind up hiring the agency services. That’s Yeah, that’s the goal.


So well, this has been great. I want to make sure I’m respectful of your time. I know you’ve got it, you’ve got to run. two last questions to wrap up. The first is if someone wants to learn more about you or connect with you further, what would be the best way to engage?

The best way I know I met 5000 friends on Facebook. So sometimes I don’t see all the message requests. But you can go to the Cairo candy Facebook page, which is just you just Google or just search Carol candy and you can send us messages on there. And, you know, if you want to schedule a call, you want the the courses to

sell on your site. What’s that? Would you? Would you be okay if other agencies bought the course on your

site? Or do you want that exclusively for chiropractors, I don’t care if other agencies buy it. But one of the things that comes with the course is a Facebook group where we do support and stuff in there, and that you have to be a chiropractor to be in the group. Got it?

Make sense? Beautiful. So I guess my last question, and and be sure, guys, if you’ve listened to this, and you got tremendous value, like I did reach out to Billy, thank you for sharing, you know, this has been this has been tremendous. I mean, seven figures 20 plus clients every single month, lots of ideas, not just on how to land clients and serve clients, but also really like the running of an agency and structuring an agency. You talked a lot about your Christian values, right? It sounds like you Baptist Church, someone to Baptist College. I’ve got a Christian, a Christian background as well. missionary kid lives in Haiti. How do you feel like your Christian values apply to the business and help make you a better entrepreneur? Yeah.

I used to try to, I don’t want to say separate the two, like even on the podcast. At first I was like, wow, you know, you know what, it’s who I am. I’m going to share my faith you know, you mentioned Baptist I’m nothing against this. We’re actually we go to nondenominational denominational

christian right. Yeah. But

But regardless,

it’s it’s not separate. It’s not like there’s a different hat. It’s, it’s just, you know, it’s who I am. In fortunately, you know, in our business. The everybody that works for us, most of them know each other. Through church, you know, one of the guys that works with us sometimes Matt, he and my son went to Bible school together. And he’s just been a great asset. So whenever we do a zoom meeting every Monday, and it’s required, you can’t, you know, every once in a while somebody may miss it if something’s going on, but we do it. You know, every week, we start off the zoom meeting with prayer request, Hey, what’s going on? Anybody have any prayer requests, you know, what we pray for? And then we take turns, you know, who’s leading it? It’s just, it’s something we do. It’s just how we built the business. That’s not saying you have to be a Christian to ever work with us, or anything like that. It’s, it’s just the culture of who we are.

I don’t know to answer your question. It did. No,

I thought I thought that was great. You know, and I think, you know, you’re gonna attract the type of people that that have similar values, not exclusively, but that’s a great thing on your team, the clients you serve. And you know, having a similar values makes it just an even more profitable business experience.

Yeah, one of my favorite scriptures, when it comes to business is proverbs 1423 says, all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads to poverty. And just to encourage the people listening, you have this idea to start an agency, and you’re reading books about it and you’re taking courses about it. And you’re putting off reaching out to clients or potential clients. Mere talk leads to poverty, you got to actually, you got to find people, even if it’s doing work for free at first. Get out there, get some success for somebody else. That’s gonna lead to your success.

I love it. I think it’s a powerful note to end on. It’s been an honor to spend this time with you. I really appreciate you sharing. And that’s it. We’ll wrap it Thanks so much for your time.

All right, thank you.

Have a great day. Bye guys. Thanks for joining us.

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