Seven Figure Agency, spearheaded by industry veterans Josh and Yesenia Nelson, announced today that they have successfully accomplished their initial mission in November 2014: to help 100 digital marketing agencies scale their businesses to 7 figures and beyond.

A Lofty Goal Fulfilled

“When we set the audacious goal of helping 100 agencies hit 7 figures, it felt like a moonshot,” says Josh Nelson. “But as our members started to reach that milestone—people like Alan Hillsberg in funeral homes, Danny Barrera in concrete, and Brian Stearman in lawn care—our conviction solidified. We knew it was doable, and we’ve done it.”

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By The Numbers

The impact of Seven Figure Agency’s mission is quantifiable and staggering:

  • 237 Active Members
  • 100 Members at 7 Figures & Beyond
  • Cumulative agency revenue of over $285 million per year.
  • Average member Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) exceeding $73,000.

Members of Seven Figure Agency’s network praise the program’s transformative power:

  • Cris Rodriguez of GrowPro Agency: “Being part of Seven Figure Agency has had a huge impact on my growth.”
  • Barry Nix of Garage Door Domination: “I started at about $5,500 monthly and am now over $97,000 monthly.”
  • Austin Houser of BaseCote Marketing: “Seven Figure Agency gave me the blueprint & support, and now we’re doing over $92,000 MRR.”
A Collective Achievement

Josh Nelson points out that this milestone is not just an organizational triumph, but a collective one. “Our amazing team of coaches, mentors, and a community of members willing to share & support each other made this success possible.”

The Next Mission

“If you run a digital marketing agency and are stuck in the 6-figure range or simply want to scale your business, listen up. Our next mission is to help 500 agencies grow to 7 figures and beyond over the next 5 years. And we want you to be a part of it,” says Nelson, issuing a call to action for agencies ready for explosive growth.

For further inquiries or to schedule an interview, contact:

Josh Nelson
Seven Figure Agency