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Listen in as I interview Ray Malaski – owner of Cleaning Clicks (an agency that serves the Maid Services Niche). He describes how he has grown his digital marketing agency, and how he gets such gets great results for his client. We’ll unpack how he runs ads, builds a remote team, and the channels he uses to bring in new customers.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:30] Ray got his start launching a cleaning business.
  • [5:20] How he dealt with a brand identity crisis and chose to focus on a niche.
  • [7:00] Where the business is at right now.
  • [10:20] How he chooses the right kind of clients.
  • [12:10] How he chose the niche the niche he focuses on.
  • [16:30] Ray recommends how to join and leverage Facebook groups as a digital marketer.
  • [18:00] Ray describes his mix of services and the service bundles he offers.
  • [22:20] He explains how he got his first five clients.
  • [27:30] How Ray structures his funnels.
  • [31:30] Why he started filtering leads.
  • [34:00] Other channels Ray uses for getting new customers.
  • [37:45] He explains how his web design strategy works.
  • [42:15] Ray shares how he developed his virtual team.
  • [44:20] Where will he scale next?
  • [47:25] Challenges Ray faced when joining TSFA.
  • [50:55] He shares his experiences on what platforms are the most effective.
  • [53:00] Last nuggets of wisdom and Q&A.

How Ray Chose The Cleaning Industry As A Niche

Ray and his wife started their cleaning agency when Ray came across “Google my business” and set up his profile. He had the phone number forward to his phone and that’s how they got their first client.

He did next to nothing and got a customer! So, he started thinking, “Wow! What could I do if I actually knew what I’m doing! At that point, he jumped in and hired an SEO company to work on his site. To him, it was a chance to be learn and be involved every step of the way. He did a deep dive and gained expertise in all facets of SEO. Soon, he started implementing the SEO himself.

His Business Was Soon Top-Ranked In 60 Service Areas In SE Michigan

As he became more proficient, people sought him out for help with their marketing. So, he started charging to do Google ads for clients. Then, he branched out into web design and SEO. Web Launch Local was born.

But Ray knew that the best way to grow and scale the business as he intended, he needed to choose a specific niche. He was already familiar with the cleaning industry and many of his clients are in that niche. So he started “Get Cleaning Clicks”.

Ray’s Business Structure Evolved As He Grew

When Ray first started, he did nearly all the work himself. He would outsource some development to a guy in India. He used 99Designs for websites. He didn’t have a team of ongoing employees. The business had a big problem though—all of his expenses were one-time fees. This forced him to be on a treadmill constantly working on client acquisition. Until he met his partner.

His partner is an SEO genius, who already owned an office in Tijuana and employed a staff full of people. Now, his partner handles all the SEO. He also has an office in the Philippines that specializes in the design side of things. With two full-time designers and two developers, his team is well-rounded. He has developed a diverse team sourced around the world. This video / podcase goes into more detail about remote teams—keep listening.

Ray just opened an office in Michigan to address customer service concerns—which was an  area where the business had been struggling.

He Emphasizes That You Need To Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Google is constantly changing their algorithm, and you can’t have all your eggs in one basket—diversify your strategies. While the lifeblood of his business is implementing and operating Google Ads, Ray also knows and emphasizes the importance of SEO and content marketing.

You Cannot Underestimate The Power Of Content Marketing

One great strategy that Ray uses is joining Facebook groups in the industry. He spends time in those groups going through the questions that people ask. Then, he compiles a top-ten list of questions, and goes through the posts looking for the most vaulable common answers. His next brilliant move is to take those 10 questions and answers and turn them into 10 blog posts.

If you follow this strategy—just like that—you have content for your site and another means for Google to rank you. When you also weave SEO strategy into it, you have a brilliant way to get targeted traffic that is valuable to your customers.

Ray already does YouTube videos and has a plan in place to soon start offering webinars.

It All Starts With His Winning Web Design Strategy

The foundation for any business is its website—it needs to be clean and professional. Ray offers two different packages for his clients:

  1. They can purchase one of his templates for $2,500 (or two installments of $1,400) and Ray’s team will input the client’s information.
  2. Or they can do an all-custom website for double the price.

During the onboarding process, Ray has a form that a client must complete and submit with any information needed for the site. This includes home-page copy, About Me sections, FAQ’s, and Services.

All his remote partner has to do is make simple tweaks to the template. They input the client’s logo, and change the colors of the site to complement it. They add in the content and contact information. As quick as that! An easy and clean procedure for creating a client’s website.

Listen to the whole episode with Ray Malaski because it is packed with useful information and tips that you don’t want to miss!

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