Today, allow me to share my story for a bit.

You see, we started out as an SEO agency.

Our goal was to get our clients’ websites ranked in our niche.

While it worked in a lot of cases, it also failed in some.

And it got to a point where we struggled.

We were constantly trying to figure out what we can do to generate consistent, measurable results for our clients.

So, I suggested something to our team members.

I said, “Let’s do a multi-channel strategy.”

Rather than just focusing on a single channel like SEO…

We could do clients’ websites, Google Ads, and pay-per-click campaigns.

This was in contrast to the method we were doing initially.

That is, we only focused on what we were comfortable with.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Because if you happen to be really good with Facebook ads, run Facebook ads.

If you’re good with pay-per-click, run pay-per-click ads.

But in every case, when you’re relying on just a single channel…

It singularizes the point of failure.

Your ability to keep clients on a single channel becomes extremely challenging.

For example, if you only stick to using SEO, like we were doing…

Getting clients to sign up will happen… But it’ll take more time.

When you’re relying on a single channel, you’re slower to generate results.

You’re less consistent.

But when you adopt the multi-channel approach, you have a mix of services you can bring to the table.

It improves the deliverability and the results that you get for your clients…

And that’ll help with their retention.

Plus, multi-channel increases your staff’s competence.

They’ll be able to expand their knowledge and skills to better serve your clients.

Now, if you’re thinking of switching to a multi-channel approach…

It may take some time to transition.

But I guarantee that the returns for your agency will be amazing.

After all, that’s what happened to us.

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