If you’ve ever used cold email outreach as a way of generating qualified prospects, you know it’s a mixed bag. There are a number of hurdles to get over in order to do it well. For many people, they simply don’t know how to do it well… but that’s not the first hurdle. The FIRST problem in 90% of the situations is that the data you use to do your outreach is bad. With bad data comes a number of other “bad” things. This webinar/episode is designed to help you get over that hurdle with no trouble.

I’m chatting with Matt McQuinn, co-founder of Coldlytics, a service that provides truly good data to marketers of all stripes. If you pay attention to what you learn in this episode and apply it using Coldlytics, you’ll increase the success of your email marketing efforts exponentially.

5 reasons your cold outreach isn’t working

1) Bad list data – When you don’t have specific, quality lead sources in your database, you’re going to be sending dead end messages that don’t go anywhere.

2) Your message is too generic – If there’s nothing customized or compelling about the emails you send, nothing is making you stand out from all the rest of the offers your prospects receive.

3) Your emails are not being delivered – there are technical issues that could exist in your email servers that are keeping your emails out of the inbox

4) One channel approach – If you are

5) Bad follow-up – If someone responds to your outreach and you don’t have a clear, systematic approach to following up, you’re losing opportunities.

Coldlytic uses public data sources and verifies the data

I was quite impressed with the quality of data Coldlytics provided. It was a huge difference. I was able to do searches in towns that I know about, and the info provided was dead-on. This is a huge win because it helps business owners reach out to the right people, using the right information, in ways that are customized to them, the recipient.

Matt and his co-founder started their company because they have been sending cold emails for years and were frustrated with the lack of good, accurate data available for those who send cold emails. And they were tired of waiting for the data (and then having it be terrible). So they started Coldlytics to address those pain points.

What makes good data when it comes to cold email outreach?

There are four primary things that make the data you’re working with good, in the sense that it’s truly helpful to your marketing efforts. What are they?

Relevance – the data you receive has to provide prospects who are truly interested in the products you’re selling. That could have to do with what they are interested in, where they are in their business life-cycle, and more.

Accuracy – It’s vitally important that you are sending your outreach to the right people, using the right email addresses, and aligned with the responsibilities they have within their organization. If your data doesn’t provide those things, you’re going to be wasting a lot of time and effort.

Sourcing strategies – There are many places that data can come from, but if you don’t use the right ones in the right ways you’ll spend lots of time doing the wrong things. If you use a service that draws from multiple data sources (like Coldlytics) you need to be sure the service is pulling from the RIGHT sources for your needs.

Timeliness – If the data you use for any outreach is not current, you’ll wind up sending lots of emails that don’t reach the right person, or are not deliverable at all. Think about it, when a person leaves an organization, their email is one of the first things to change. If you don’t have the right email fro the right person, in short order, you’ll be working with dead data. Timeliness of data is key. 

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