Let me ask you something…

Once you create your agency’s video content and upload them to the platform of your choice, what do you do next? Do you just leave it out there, hoping people will see it?

The reason I asked is that video production is one thing, but marketing is a different beast. 

In fact, I’ve had clients who can make great videos but not a decent inbound marketing strategy.

By that, I mean…

They just don’t get views!


It’s because they’re making one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to creating video content:

Staying in your bubble. 

That is, you make a video, upload it to your agency’s page, and hope for the best.

I believe video content production is the easy part when you’re consistent and follow a framework. But it’s what comes after that can nullify your efforts.

Let me give you two quick tips on how to follow up your creative production process:

Tip #1 – Don’t stay in your bubble if your business page has a handful of likes or followers

Wrapped up a video?


Post it on your personal page. Upload it to YouTube.

Maybe even give it a dollar boost so it shows up in people’s feed. Send the video to the contacts in your database to maximize exposure.

Go out there and promote it!

Tip #2 – Let else someone handle the syndication process

Your job is to create the content.

You don’t have to edit it, send it out to everyone, or upload it to various platforms every day…

Put a system in place where your team handles all of those things. Get your VA, or maybe your editor or marketing team, to take over from there.

Remove yourself from the syndication process.

You can amplify the reach of your agency’s content without having to be there behind the scenes pushing all the buttons. This is how you can gain exposure and manage your time efficiently.

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