I hope you are getting tremendous value from our 4-part training series on how we were able to grow our agency to the INC 5,000 list!

We’ve covered some serious ground so far. On video #1 I outlined the importance of having a targeted niche and why I believe it is the fastest & most effective way to grow your agency. If you missed it, go back and watch it right away by clicking here.

On video #2, I explained how to position yourself as the expert in your chosen niche in order to get customers to come to you pre-positioned to buy at premium rates. That video can be found by clicking here.

On this third video, I explain our multi-channel marketing strategy that has enabled to magnetically attract the right types of customers in our niche. You can have the best positioning in the world but if the clients in your niche don’t know about you…you will still fail to bring in new clients on a consistent basis.

The fact is…you have to have a proactive multi-channel marketing strategy that includes inbound, outbound, online & offline if you really want to succeed in this business. On this video, I outline with you how we market our agency to bring in new clients month after month. Watch the video now:

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