You know the saying, “if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?”

Think of reviews the same way – if you don’t have a list of clients singing their praises for the work you do, how will anyone know that you’re the best in the business?

The most obvious solution is to ask. But asking clients to write reviews for your website, social media, and directories can feel awkward, especially if you don’t have a strategy.

In this guide, we’ll show you 4 creative ways to get client reviews for your agency.

Why Reviews Are Important

You’ve heard the stats before:

  • 90% of people consider online reviews when making purchase decisions
  • 83% of us trust user-generated reviews
  • 74% say reviews increase their trust in a company
  • 47% also say they’ll pay more for a product or service if it has positive reviews

Reviews serve as social proof. When someone is looking to hire your agency, they want to ensure that you deliver the goods. By having a collection of glowing reviews, you’ll instantly gain a level of trust that’s not possible with avenues like advertising.

While reviews won’t replace advertising, SEO, and other growth marketing practices, generating reviews can have a positive impact on your business.

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4 Creative Ways to Get Client Reviews for Your Agency

Remember, most people don’t write a review unless they feel compelled to do so – usually either by a particularly awesome or nightmare-inducing experience.

The good news is that 70% of people are willing to write a review if you ask them. While you can ask them directly when they’re in your office or wrapping up a zoom call with you, we’ve come up with four creative ways that go beyond asking and include easy ways for your clients to submit their reviews.

1. Include a Reminder on Your Website

A ribbon in the top navigation portion of your website can invite clients to review your business. You can direct these clients directly to the third-party review platform you’re trying to get reviews for, or you can send them to a landing page to share their experience.

If the client is inclined to leave a negative review, you can intercept the message using your landing page or website software and follow up with the client in private to resolve the situation.

You can also place review prompts and links in the footer of your website and on your testimonials page.

2. Automate Reviews with Segmented Email Campaigns

Another review-generating tactic is to include a link to your review page on various emails throughout the customer journey.

Examples include:

  • A link to your review pages embedded in an email invoice
  • An autoresponder campaign asking for a review after the completion of a successful project or after someone has been a client for a few months
  • A broadcast campaign that shares other client testimonials and invites current and past clients to review you

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3. Share Reviews on Social Media

Posting your positive testimonials on social media can inspire others to share their experiences as well.

Here’s how it works:

  • Post a video or written testimonial of a client gushing about your business (if it’s a short written testimonial, you can use a graphics program like Canva, Adobe Express, or Crello to make it stand out)
  • Include a caption that invites others to review your business
  • Provide prompts to make it easy for clients to start writing (for example, “what did you like most about working with us?”)
  • Celebrate the influx of client reviews

4. Prompt Your Customer Service Team to Encourage Reviews

Whether your customer service department is a team of one or you have a stable of friendly voices helping your clients, you can generate several positive reviews during customer service interactions.

For example, if a client calls with you a question, the conversation can be concluded with a friendly request to write a review on your platform of choice. If you’ve resolved the client’s issue or answered their question, they’ll be more likely to leave a review on the spot.


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