The digital marketing landscape changes rapidly. By the time you read something in a book, it’s likely to be outdated.

Keeping up with the latest tools, strategies, and tactics is a full-time job, and as a marketing agency owner, frankly, you don’t have the time.

The beauty of podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere, whether you’re on the road, working out, or eating breakfast. They’re free, they’re portable, and you can learn from industry experts at your own pace.

Pick and choose the podcasts and topics that are relevant to your business, fast forward through the bits that bore you, and get gold nugget advice from people that you’d normally have to pay four or five figures a day to if you brought them to your conference room.

The only problem is how to choose from the hundreds of marketing podcasts available. You don’t have to wade through a bunch of amateur podcasts. We’ve narrowed down the list of the best podcasts for digital marketing agencies and marketing professionals in 2020. Hang on to this list and reference it whenever you’re looking for content to level up your skillset.


19 Best Digital Marketing Podcasts for Agencies


1. Seven Figure Agency Podcast with Josh Nelson

We all start somewhere, and Seven Figure Agency owner and podcast host, Joshua Nelson, managed to go from zero to $3.5 million in annual sales in just seven years.

He opens up the kimono and shares all of his best secrets in a way that’s relatable and attainable, no matter where you are in your agency journey. Instead of aggressive hype and bragging about fancy cars, Nelson takes you behind the scenes and explains exactly what’s working now.

In addition to getting massive content with every episode, Nelson also has a free Facebook group with over 1300 members that’s moderated by industry experts. He also has a free book that shows you the roadmap he followed to build his 7-figure agency.

New episodes are released one to two times per week, depending on what information Nelson has to share. Some episodes are quick, actionable nuggets that are a few minutes long while others dive deep into case studies and strategies. Our favorite episode to date is titled How We Booked 25 Strategy Sessions This Week. If you’re looking to fill your pipeline with qualified leads, be sure to check this one out.

Listen on: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and on the website.


2. Agency Trailblazer Podcast

If your marketing agency has a web design component, then Lee Matthew Jackson’s Agency Trailblazer podcast is a must to add to your subscriptions.

Jackson offers a blend of interviews with agency owners and experts, as well as the occasional fireside chat where he dives deep into an issue. There’s a lot to unpack in each episode, and you can pick and choose which topics are most relevant. Recent episodes include how to attract an ideal client and how to streamline the discovery process to ensure the success of a web design project. He also touches on topics like hiring, motivation, and finances.

Listening to Jackson’s podcast helps you feel like you’re not alone, and others are dealing with the same issues you face every day.

New episodes are released every Wednesday, and they’re relatively short for easy consumption, ranging from about 10 to 30 minutes.

Listen on: iTunes, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, Breaker, and Stitcher.


3. Smart Agency Masterclass

Veteran podcaster and agency owner Jason Swenk covers topics that apply to newbies and 8-figure agencies alike.

What sets Smart Agency Masterclass apart from other podcasts in this space is that Swenk is almost always focused on thinking big and scaling, no matter where you are right now. Marketers just starting out with agency ownership should listen to Episode 225, titled How to Get Your First Few Agency Clients.

If you’ve already got clients and are looking to scale, another favorite is Episode 233: How an 8-Figure Agency Created a Successful Referral Program. As ad costs rise and more people enter the digital marketing space, learning how to build and manage a referral program is going to be increasingly relevant.

New episodes are currently released twice per week and include a blend of interviews and solo tutorials.

Listen on: iTunes, Podbay, Stitcher, and his website.


4. Build a Better Agency

Looking for a list of action steps to take your agency to the next level? If so, you’re going to want to tune in to Build a Better Agency, hosted by Drew McLellan. Each episode is incredibly in-depth and packed with value.

As the founder of the Agency Management Institute, McLellan has both a depth and breadth of knowledge, sharing his tried and true lessons about building and scaling an agency.

You can access new episodes every Wednesday. Though each podcast is structured with the agency owner in mind, freelancers and employees can also glean valuable knowledge from each show. One of our favorites is Using AI to Support Your Agency’s Content Strategy. As content becomes increasingly important, being able to leverage AI for both quality and quantity is going to be a valuable tool.

Listen on: iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.


5. The Growth Show

The Growth Show addresses the elephant in the room of digital marketing. It’s never been easier to start a business. We’ve got more tools than ever, and global talent is available in spades. However, success is much more elusive, and arguably, harder than ever.

Hubspot’s VP of Marketing, Meghan Keaney Anderson, interviews a new entrepreneur each week, helping them tell their story and extracting knowledge and advice along the way.

Our favorite episode of The Growth Show featured an entrepreneur that turned down $30 million from Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban. This is a story you’re going to want to hear!

New episodes are released weekly.

Listen on: iTunes, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher.


6. Marketing School

Who says you have to go to business school to succeed as an agency owner?

Marketing School, hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, teaches you everything you’d learn in a college classroom and more. And it’s all in bite-sized episodes under 10 minutes long.

If you’re new to the world of online business, you’ll get valuable background information from Patel and Siu. If you’re a veteran, you might get bored easily, but there are still episodes that even experts will enjoy. Our favorite is a multi-part series about SEO, the unsung hero of a digital marketing agency’s success.

Look for new episodes daily and listen to them whenever you’ve got a few free minutes.

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.


7. The #AskGaryVee Podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk is a heavyweight in the marketing space, and he’s mastered the art of creating boatloads of content for his audience, including a daily podcast.

The show got its start in 2014 when Gary Vee decided to do a show where he would answer questions posed by his Twitter followers. Six years later, he still answers questions while also sprinkling in “day in the life” stories and repurposed content.

If you’re looking for inspiration or answers to questions you might not have thought to ask, make sure you tune in daily for new episodes. A recent favorite is a 90-minute value bomb called Practical Ideas to Guide Marketers | Marketing for the Now #2.

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.


8. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social Media Examiner’s founder Michael Stelzner has his own podcast, and if you’re looking for gold, you’ve found it here. Stelzner is a marketing genius, and he created one of the most successful marketing events in history (Social Media Marketing World) out of what was originally a virtual teleconference for a handful of entrepreneurs.

When there’s a lot of chatter about social media and an attitude of “let’s throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks,” Stelzner breaks down the science and strategies of what works and why.

Every episode is spectacular, but a recent favorite is Facebook Organic Reach: How to Develop an Engaged Following. In light of all the changes in the algorithm during the past several years, you cannot afford to miss this episode.

New episodes are released on Fridays, so if you want some productive content to get you through the weekend, make sure you tune in.

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, and their website.


9. Duct Tape Marketing

Do you ever feel like everyone is just repeating the same thing? Looking for a unique voice? If that sounds like you, make sure you tune into John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing.

Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker, and best-selling author, so he’s been around the block and knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff. His guests are topnotch, including Michael Hyatt and Robert Cialdini, and you’ll walk away from each episode feeling enlightened and inspired.

Check out the episode with Robert Cialdini first, and then pick and choose topics most relevant to your journey after that.

Enjoy new episodes three times a week. Yes, you read that right!

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher.


10. The Edge of the Web

The Edge of the Web talks about all things digital marketing, but there’s a strong focus on SEO. Whether you have a passing interest in the topic or that’s the niche you’re passionate about, you’ll find something to love here.

Host Erin Sparks has her finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest, so if you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), she’ll make sure you never miss a beat.

Sparks goes deep in each episode, often breaking them up into a series for easier consumption. One of our favorites is SEO for 2020 with Moz’s senior SEO specialist.

Look for new episodes released a couple of times per week at semi-regular intervals.

Listen on: iTunes and PopParadise.


11. The Search Engine Journal Show

Don’t let the title fool you. The Search Engine Journal Show covers all things digital marketing, not just the search engines. Enjoy the wisdom of three hosts, Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker. These three gentlemen are in the trenches, so the wisdom they deliver is current and actionable.

Some of the episodes can get rather technical, which we think is a good thing! Instead of listening to theories at the 30,000-foot level, Csutoras, Goodwin, and Baker dive into the weeds while still being relatable.

One of the most recent episodes, The Importance of an SEO Audit, outlines common pitfalls and discusses best practices. Whether you’re auditing your own site or you’re doing a client audit, you’re bound to get a nugget or two out of this one.

New episodes air every Thursday.

Listen on: iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.


12. Copyblogger

Wordsmiths rejoice! Copyblogger FM hosts, Tim Stoddart and Darrell Vesterfelt, remind us that digital marketing is still about communication, not just fancy websites and killer SEO and social media strategy.

At the end of the day, words are what matter and convert, whether they’re delivered in video, graphic, or written form.

Our favorite episode to date features Duct Tape Marketing host John Jantsch (crossovers aren’t just for Hollywood!). They talk about classic writers like Emerson and Thoreau, and relate their style to modern-day lessons for entrepreneurs.

Episodes stream semi-regularly. Sometimes once a week, and sometimes just once or twice a month, so make sure you subscribe for updates.

Listen on: Podbay, Stitcher, and iTunes.


13. Marketing Scoop Podcast by SEM Rush

Want the scoop on what big brands are doing? If so, check out Marketing Scoop Podcast. You’ll hear case studies from major players like Google, Uber, IKEA, and more. And, this isn’t third-party reporting or studies from afar, either. Episodes feature the actual people behind the campaigns, so you can dig deep into their strategies and learn from their successes and failures.

If you’ve ever wondered how the big guys plan and execute a campaign from scratch, make sure you tune in. Host Laura Morelli comes from a journalism background, which contributes to the credible and newsworthy storytelling elements abundant in each show.

You can start anywhere, but we recommend The Trust Exchange Between Brands, Social and Customers, which features a heavy hitter at Verizon. Tune in every Wednesday to see what’s new.

Listen on: iTunes, Podbay, and PopParadise.


14. The Paid Search Podcast


The hosts of The Paid Search Podcast go together like peanut butter and jelly. Google Ads experts Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman take what many would find a dry topic and breathe life into it.

These two hams will have you rolling on the floor as they hurl insults at each other and roast each other whenever the mood strikes.

What we love about this show is that the hosts don’t always agree on strategies, and they have healthy (and humorous) debates. They’re not afraid to admit when they’re wrong, and they’re very open with the strategies that work for them. Whenever a best practice shifts, they’re the first to tell you about it.

We also appreciate that these guys don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They’ve chosen the Google Ads niche, and they don’t pretend to be landing page, email, or web design experts.

Every episode is gold, but if you’re new to the podcast, we recommend starting with Episode 189: The Best Google Ads Q&A Show We’ve Ever Done.

Episodes drop every Sunday night.

Listen on: Stitcher, iTunes, and YouTube.


15. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

If you’re someone that likes to sit back and relax with a podcast, move on because Amy Porterfield’s show is not the one for you!

On the other hand, if you appreciate getting actionable content and a mini execution plan in every episode, you’re going to love what Amy’s show. She packs each episode with what she calls “Audio Inspir-action,” so you’ll be able to implement everything you hear.

Porterfield brings a lot to the table. A former corporate “yes girl” running campaigns for Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, she took the leap to entrepreneurship. She’s very open about her mistakes, and she shares her processes that will help you take shortcuts without cutting corners.

New episodes are published one to two times per week. Our current favorite for agency owners in 2020 is Grow Your Email List with Quizzes with Ryan Levesque because it helps you generate leads while also segmenting your audience. Once you master that skill, the sky’s the limit!

Listen on: iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.


16. Marketing Companion Podcast

Humor and quirkiness are signature elements in this business podcast aimed at marketing agency owners. Hosts Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas are a dynamic duo that brings both experience and maturity to the world of marketing with a healthy dose of laugh out loud jokes.

What we love about this show is that it identifies trends while also taking a long-term and a historical perspective of marketing. As you listen to Mark and Brooke, you’ll feel like you’re sitting at a coffee shop or wine bar catching up in a familiar and casual way.

But, by the end of each episode, you’ll have a new perspective on an issue and maybe even a new skill. As an agency owner, we recommend checking out the episode titled Hate is Good for Business, where they talk about content strategies as well as Facebook’s secret promotion of divisiveness in a time where that’s incredibly controversial.

Unlike other shows, Marketing Companion Podcast is more about quality than quantity, with new episodes airing about once every two weeks.

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.


17. Everyone Hates Marketers

Marketers get a bad rap for turning useful consumer tools like email, social media, and text messaging into obnoxious spammy selling tools.

But, as a marketer, your heart’s in the right place! Host Louis Grenier shows you how to master marketing without being sleazy or shady. Guests include marketing celebrities like Seth Godin and Meghan Keaney Anderson of Hubspot.

Every episode is fantastic, but we particularly recommend Why Marketing Agencies Mostly Suck at Marketing Themselves.

Find new episodes every Monday.

Listen on: iTunes and Google Podcasts.


18. Marketing Over Coffee

The title of this podcast might sound warm and fuzzy, but each episode is packed with marketing and technical knowledge. The hosts, John Wall and Christopher Penn, are experienced presenters, and Penn is even a marketing professor.

While the focus of the show is digital marketing, they do sometimes cover offline strategies. They also address listener questions, so you can get answers to what you’re most likely already asking in your head.

If you’re an agency owner, check out the episode called Eat Their Lunch: Anthony Iannarino on Winning Customers Away from Your Competition. When everyone and their mother has an online agency, this episode ensures you get and keep your fair share.

New episodes are released every Thursday.

Listen on: iTunes, Podbay, and Stitcher.


19. The Art of Online Business

You may have heard this podcast under its previous title of The Art of Paid Traffic. Recently, host Rick Mulready expanded the strategies he covers for moving beyond paid traffic, exploring topics like email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

If you’re having a hard time prioritizing your list of podcasts in 2020, you’ll appreciate how well-rounded Mulready’s topics are. A successful marketer in his own right, Mulready also brings heavy hitters to his podcasts, including Pat Flynn and ManyChat’s Miek Yan.

An important episode to get your feet wet is a short 15-minute episode called 6 and 7-Figure Mindset Secrets. If you’re having trouble getting to the next level in your business, you’ll want to hear the advice that Mulready offers here.

Episodes air several times per month, usually one to three times per week.

Listen on: Stitcher and iTunes.


Becoming the Smartest Person in the Room

No matter how much success you’ve achieved, there’s always something new to learn! Staying sharp and up to date on the latest in the industry is one way to ensure that you serve your clients and don’t miss out on opportunities to grow your business and theirs.

As an agency owner, being good at one aspect of digital marketing is almost never going to be enough to make you stand out in this competitive industry. You don’t have to pore over blogs or take a bunch of classes to stay relevant, though. Subscribe to a handful of the podcasts on our list, particularly the 7 Figure Agency Podcast, and continue to expand your knowledge.

Are you digital marketing agency owner? If so, which podcast is your favorite?