How can you leverage Jarvis AI in your agency to maximize efficiency? How can boss mode help you create jaw-dropping content? If you run an SEO, Content, or Digital Marketing Agency you won’t want to miss this session.

Austin Distel, Danny Barrera, Lyn Askin, and I will be sharing how you can leverage Jarvis to drive amazing results for your clients, improve retention, and enhance the efficiency/profitability of your operations.


✍️ The main types of Content you can leverage Jarvis to help create

???? Best practices for a content strategy using Jarvis for City Pages, Service Pages, Blog Posts, Press Releases, GMB Posts & Google Ads

????We’ll share specific examples of the type of content that will WOW your clients and move the needle for them from a ranking & lead flow perspective

????How to train your team to use Jarvis to drive your content engine

????How to recruit & train writers to leverage Jarvis to its fullest on behalf of your clients

You can access the resources referenced in this session by going to

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:20] Austin’s experience growing his marketing agency
  • [7:40] The problem that agencies are facing 
  • [11:28] The content agencies need to create
  • [22:01] How Danny Barerra structures client pages
  • [48:40] Ways to use Jarvis for content creation
  • [1:05:12] How to use the AIDA Framework in Jarvis
  • [1:12:17] Using the review responder template
  • [1:15:14] Q&A Session with Austin, Danny, and Lyn

The problem that agencies are facing 

Cranking out content is time-consuming and expensive, right? Everything you have to create for yourself and your clients is overwhelming. You either need an army of your own writers or pay third-party freelancers. But both are hard to scale. 

Here’s the good news: You can leverage Jarvis to streamline your content and make it extraordinary. Jarvis allows you to create better content more efficiently. What does this mean for your agency? You can create more content, scale it faster, and drive better results for your clients. That means better retention for you. 

How Danny Barerra structures client pages

According to Danny, to create city pages—or any pages—that rank, you need to create processes that can be leveraged with Jarvis. That looks like: 

  1. Preparing assets (city/neighborhood, content brief)
  2. Writing, optimizing, and proofreading
  3. Approving content
  4. Publishing the content

Your content manager or SEO specialist—someone that understands keyword research and creating content briefs—can easily prep this and pass it to your writers. They then write the content and optimize it with Jarvis. Want Danny’s city page structure? Check it out here.

How to use Surfer + Jarvis to create content

Surfer bases the information they provide you on the top 10 search results in Google—content that’s already ranking that you want to beat out. So how do you use a combination of Surfer and Jarvis to create content that ranks? 

  • Go to “content planner” in Surfer and type in your desired keyword/phrase.
  • Once results are loaded, choose the result that best fits (with good search volume).
  • Open the content editor and click on the settings in the top right corner. Choose to include direct competitors from the top 10 SERPs whose content you want to analyze.
  • Once you hit “let’s go,” Surfer’s content editor will open up. 
  • If you choose “brief” on the right-hand side, you’ll see Surfer’s outline builder complete with content and header ideas.
  • Head to the Jarvis dashboard and choose the long-form assistant from the templates.
  • Choose “SEO Mode,” which opens up Surfer. You can toggle to use different templates, such as the “AIDA Framework.” 
  • Then you give Jarvis commands, such as “Write about Miami Beach plumbers.” Jarvis will start writing a description. You can plug this into the framework along with your h1, tone of voice, etc.
  • You can give Jarvis the command to “write a blog outline” and it will generate a content outline. 
  • If you navigate back to Surfer and look at the content brief, it will give you some ideas for h2 headers (i.e. “Get a quote” or “Frequently asked questions”) that you can use to tweak your brief.

You want to leverage these tools to become more efficient with writing articles and potentially lower the $$$ you’re spending on hiring content writers.

NOTE: The prompt that you give Jarvis should be detailed. The better your input, the better results you’ll get. You’re giving Jarvis context about what to write about. Jarvis will read the past 3,000 characters to choose the best direction to write.

How to use the AIDA Framework in Jarvis

If you’re unfamiliar with the AIDA framework, it’s shorthand for attention, interest, desire, and action. To use Jarvis to create the framework: 

  • Input the company or product name
  • Write a brief description of the company/product
  • Choose a tone of voice (i.e. “excited”) 
  • Jarvis will generate a content brief you can use for advertising

FUN TIP: When choosing “Tone of Voice” you can also input a real person and Jarvis will emulate their style (i.e. Joe Rogan, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Scott, etc.)

You can use Jarvis for ads, emails, landing pages, website copy, and so much more.

We walk through some of the other frameworks you can use in this session—watch to learn more!

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