One of the biggest challenges a digital marketing agency faces isn’t landing clients—it’s retaining them. Clients churn. They stick around for a couple of months and then they move on. Are you struggling with this? How can you improve your retention?

Here are three tips to maximize client retention:

  1. Maximize your onboarding experience. Once a client signs on, they’re excited. You’re bringing them a transformation they’ve been looking for. What happens in the first 24 hours and week sets the pace for the relationship. What will you send them? How will you communicate? If you dial that experience in, you create the expectation for a great business relationship.
  2. Engineer quick wins for your clients. Whether it’s SEO, PPC, social media, ads, etc. you can’t just disappear and work behind the scenes. It feels like radio silence for the clients. Engineer the process so that you’re getting them results within the first 30–60 days—and they know about it.
  3. Set a monthly communication rhythm. The #1 reason a client leaves is because they feel perceived indifference. They feel like they’re a number on a spreadsheet. But if you’re pursuing them and communicating with them, it changes the game. We’ve found that monthly reviews about results are key to longevity. You have to show them what you did, the results you got, and what you’re working on next. You have to show them that you’re sharing in their vision.

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