Take A Deep Dive Into Doing Your Own Webinars

I just completed my most recent webinar to promote our agency. In this post, I outline everything you need to know to do your own webinar setup and syndication. Here’s the outline of what’s covered in this post:

► The strategy I use in doing webinars.

► The setup you need to know to run webinars.

► The kind of results I get from running a webinar.

► A recorded version of one of my live webinars.

► My syndication strategy:

  • How I get the most traction from the content.
  • And how I get the content out most broadly into my target market.

Summary Of My Webinar Promotion Strategy Video

On this video:

► I explain why I run ongoing new webinars.

► You get to learn how I promote my webinars.

► Peek over my shoulder as I prepare for the webinar (so you can see how I do setup learn about my webinar results).

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Recording Of The Live Webinar: The NEW SEO Strategy for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors

This is a full recording of the actual webinar that I conducted. I want to give you a feel for how I run these types of client-facing webinars. Take note of what you could use in your own agency.

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My Syndication Strategy

Producing a webinar is only half the job. Once you’ve done the webinar, you want to take advantage of every possible way to fully syndicate that to your audience. In this video, I outline exactly what we do in my agency to fully syndicate the completed webinar for maximum value.

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